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Good news, everyone - we might actually be seeing Robin in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, after all!

No? Not good news?

What if I told you that the Robin we could well be seeing is (possibly) the coolest of them all - Carrie Kelley, from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns?

And, better yet, that she might already have been cast...

The Girl Wonder Cometh

Here's how it goes: when rumors flew around a few months back that Jena Malone would be playing Robin in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, many (this writer included) wrote them off as nothing more than a knee-jerk reaction to this image of her visiting the film's set:

After all, Malone and Snyder are old buddies from making Sucker Punch together, so it seems perfectly reasonable that she could visit the set of Batman v Superman without it meaning anything more than just a close relationship with a former director.

And then, Malone posted this to Instagram:

With the attached line:

"Drastic times call for drastic measures."

And, WHAM, officially over-excited.

Carrie Kelley, Queen of the Robins

Now, a visit to the Batman v Superman set is one thing, but dying your hair red right after, so that you just happen to look exactly like one of the most iconic Robin's in Bat-comics? That's another thing entirely.

Specifically, this.
Specifically, this.

Sure, she could be preparing for an entirely different part - or maybe even just felt like having red hair for a while - but it's an awfully big coincidence. After all, the same logic that suggested she was just visiting a friend on the set - her close working relationship with Zach Snyder - can just as easily be made into an argument for her likely casting.

Particularly in a role like Carrie Kelley, that she's clearly pretty darned well suited for:

Add in the red hair, and you've got a bingo.
Add in the red hair, and you've got a bingo.

The Dark Knight('s Sidekick) Returns

The other major factor? Batman v Superman is reportedly being heavily based on Miller's The Dark Knight Returns - in which Kelley plays a key central role.

After all, she's not just a computer-whiz teen sidekick in the comic - she also saves Batman's life...

From mutants, no less.
From mutants, no less.

...and plays a major part in the story's conclusion (which, on the off chance it does appear in the movie, we won't spoil here).

The only real problem is that she is, in the comics, a 13 year old girl, which the 29 year old Malone very much is not.

Unless she means grad school...
Unless she means grad school...

That being said, Man of Steel took great pains to make the Superman mythos more mature, a trend that looks likely to continue in Batman v Superman - so the idea of upgrading a computer-loving teenager to a computer-loving adult, with the same signature short red hair? That's not as unlikely as you'd think.

The Other Option...

Alternatively, Malone's inclusion would also, if Snyder wasn't inclined to have sidekick front and center for much of the film's running time, open up the possibility for another iconic Bat-character to be incorporated (possibly within Carrie Kelley herself): Oracle.

Seen here seeing everything.
Seen here seeing everything.

Otherwise known as Barbara Gordon, the one-time Batgirl - who was horrifically assaulted by The Joker, leaving her in a wheelchair. As Oracle, Gordon assisted Batman from afar, using an impressive array of technology - exactly the sort of assistance Affleck's Batman would likely need to plausibly oppose Superman in the upcoming movie.

Also, did we mention the red hair?


Now all we need? Someone from the [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) production to actually confirm it...


What do you guys think? Will we see Jena Malone as Carrie Kelley (aka Robin) in Batman v Superman?



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