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Jess O'Kane

Russian artist Moppaa certainly has an unusual way of expressing his love for his girlfriend.

The grave decorator-turned-artist takes creepy portraits, many of which feature his significant other, before editing them into nightmarish visions of everything you used to fear as a child.

Born Eugene Kuleshov, he started photographing in 2012 after he made a surprise portrait for his girlfriend and she encouraged him to do more. He's currently planning a children's book of horror stories (because frightening adults isn't enough).

The black and white images remind me of the ads for the recently released American Horror Story: Freak Show, of which I imagine Mr. Moppaa is a fan. Featuring clown-like figures, people with decaying skin and frighteningly blacked out faces, they're spooky to say the least.

Apparently his goal as an artist is to make you "s**t your pants." Mission achieved.

Check out the images below:


Not just a pretty face.


This is literally a nightmare.




Quoted for truth.

'Old Men'

Grandpa? Is that you?


Never trust a girl with a centre parting.

(Source: Dangerous Minds)


Are you scared by Moppaa's artwork?


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