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The original Paranormal Activity film manages to be completely bone chilling despite the fact that the actual horror amounts to some eerie bite marks, a bit of creepy staring and an unseen murder.

The thing I love best about this movie is that the events are so understated that the could just possibly be real, but it turns out, fact can be even more disturbing than fiction.

So, lets delve into this dark realm of real life horror and prepare to leave the lights on tonight...

Demonic Attachment

In Paranormal Activity, the demonic presence had attached itself to Kate, and a lot of reports of real life supernatural activity confirm that evil spirits are often linked to one particular person.

In one of the most famous cases of poltergeist activity ever recorded, the unruly ghost that plagued a family in Enfield, London had attached itself to their 11-year-old daughter, Janet Hodgson.

Although the spirit in Paranormal Activity wasn't the most talkative soul, the Enfield ghost spoke through Janet and you can still hear recordings to this day.

Janet Hodgson still maintains that her accounts about the ghostly encounters were "98 percent true" and she spoke out in a 2007 documentary after 30 years of silence to tell doubters that:

I know from my own experience that it was real. It lived off me, off my energy. Call me mad or a prankster if you like. Those events did happen. The poltergeist was with me - and I feel in a sense that he always will be

At least this spirit just wanted to have a chat and throw some things around or things could have been a whole lot worse...


Evil Ouija Antics

The Ouija board that Micah bought into the house in Paranormal Activity might have burst into terrifying flames, but there have been some real life events that are even more sinister.

In 2012 in Texas, a teenage boy stabbed his long term friend from high school in the abdomen after believing he received the sinister instructions from the spirit world after using an Ouija board.

A spokesperson for the police department told the local press that:

He actually believed what the Ouija board had advised him, that his friend was the cause of his problems... it's kind of bizarre


Ghostly Footsteps

Despite the stereotypical representation of ghosts hovering off the ground, it seems like claims they leave footprints really do have a leg to stand on.

In Paranormal Activity ghostly footsteps are revealed with talcum powder, but in real life they just appear all by themselves...

Mitten Brewing Co. claim that one of their historic properties is haunted by the ghostly footprints of children and, they have photos to prove it:

After footprints appeared overnight with nobody in the property, the staff were pretty freaked out, but what happened next really terrified them.

A wall was torn down during refurbishment and a tiny child's foot print was found on a piece of wood that hadn't seen the light of day for 127 years.

Chillingly, it was exactly the same size as the footprints that had been appearing around the bar.

Anyone want a bar job?


Demonic Bites and Scratches

The moment Micah discovers the bite marks on Kate's back is one of the most eerie scenes in the movie, but can you imagine if it actually happened in real life?

Well, it did to some London based students last year. After rescuing an old mirror from a skip, 20-year-old Joseph Birch started to experience some seriously spooky goings on.

As if seeing orbs and waking up screaming in the night wasn't enough, the spirit attached to the mirror also left scratches on it's victim.

Birch eventually sold the mirror on ebay, so if you bought this looking glass in 2013, I would watch out...


Well, that was nice and creepy, wasn't it?


Do you believe in paranormal activity

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