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If you've played Telltale's The Walking Dead adventure game, then you surely know the Game of Thrones game from the same studio is something to get very excited about.

Now, I'm not a person who's particularly prone to emotional outbursts or hyperbole, but I can honestly say The Walking Dead game gave me one of the most intense and heart-breaking experiences I've had in any medium. Here's hoping Telltale can do something similar with George R.R. Martin's popular adult fantasy novels.

Yesterday, the Telltale Games twitter account released this teaser tweet featuring a quote from Game of Thrones and the hashtag, 'Iron From Ice.' Check it out below:

The tease seems to pay particular attention to the word 'Ironwoods,' which is a type of tree known to grow north of The Wall. Furthermore, when you consider a previous tease also mentioned the "Forresters" - a clan of renowned trackers sworn to Deepwood Motte - I think we can begin to piece together some potential details about the game.

At this early stage, I would speculate much of the action took take place in the frigid north and could potentially see you play as a Forrester tracker. We've already heard the action of the game will be related to, but not directly drawn from the books, so setting it in the vast north could be way of providing enough basis for a story, without treading on George R.R. Martin's literary toes.


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