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When it comes to comic-book heroes, there aren't too many things that are guaranteed: Superman will never stay dead. Batman always wins. Huge, multi-comic crossovers are inevitable. People will always make fun of Aquaman.

On TV, though, that's all a whole lot more complicated - especially the part about crossovers. After all, DC have licensed the use of their comic-book characters to multiple companies and networks which - since TV networks hate teaming up - means the chance of us seeing an epic, multi-channel superhero crossover is about as likely as...well, Aquaman leading the Justice League.

No, wait, that totally happened in the 80s...
No, wait, that totally happened in the 80s...

So, despite Bruno Heller, Gotham's show-runner, responding to the idea of a crossover with another DC show like this...

"It's fun for the audience to see that clash, but actually doing it is scary. I hope we do at some point. That's the beautiful thing about being inside the DC Universe, but we'll wait and see what pops and what doesn't."'s really been holding out too much hope that it'll happen any time soon.

And then, this happened:

Now, on the surface, that looks like The Flash's Detective Joe West interviewing a creepy looking suspect. And, presumably, it is, since it's one of the latest promotional images released by the show to promote its upcoming third episode.

It's also, though, suspiciously...familiar.

As in...very, very familiar.

As in, wait a minute, that's the guy from Gotham, kind of familiar. Specifically...

...that guy.

Who is very much set to play the criminally insane Victor Zsasz, a brutal serial killer, in an upcoming episode of Gotham.

And who, a keen-eyed Moviepilot staffer spotted, looks an awful lot like the actor Anthony Carrigan, who - despite not being credited for either on his IMDb page, has seemingly been featured in a trailer for Gotham...

...and spotted on the set of The Flash:

All of which means - if this... indeed the same man - that Victor Zsasz is coming to both Fox's Gotham and The CW's The Flash, and that the two shows are already exploring a crossover.

Either that, or Carrigan is set to star in both shows, as different characters, and they're trying to keep it quiet for...some reason. After all, the official synopsis for his episode of The Flash does list him as playing "Kyle Nimbus, a.k.a. The Mist, a dangerous new meta-human with toxic gas powers."

However, since Gotham has already featured a reference to the (also a CW show) Arrow villain The Dollmaker, and this visual reference to Queen Consolidated, the central corporation in the same series...

...our bet is that we're going to see Victor Zsasz appear in both shows - albeit possibly pretty covertly in The Flash - and watch Fox and the CW pursue a whole lot of sort-of-crossovers like this...

Which. Is. Awesome.


What do you guys think? Is Victor Zsasz going to appear in both Gotham and The Flash?

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