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Amanda Bynes hit grabbed news outlets with her announcement that she's engaged - but now she's hitting headlines for all the wrong reasons!

Bynes allegedly attacked a fan on the dance floor in Chelsea, NYC.

DListed reports that the incident happened when Amanda was approached by fans who asked her to pose for pictures with them. She responded with a resounding NO and 'took several swipes, clawing her neck and arms' when one fan wouldn't take NO for an answer.

Bynes with pals in NYC.
Bynes with pals in NYC.

Now, it is usually against the policy of many clubs to take photographs, especially flash photography. I can sympathize with Amanda Bynes not wanting to interrupt her vibe and pose for photos, but obviously physical attacks are not justifiable.

The fan in question said she is not pressing charges against Bynes.

Do you think that Amanda Bynes is going off the rails again or was this an isolated incident?


Do you think this 'attack' took place as the fan alleged?

Source: DListed


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