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Jess O'Kane

Will Smith has still got it. And Margot Robbie has...well...Margot Robbie. The pair star opposite each other in comedy-drama con movie Focus, which seems to be a hybrid between American Hustle and Mr & Mrs Smith.

Smith plays a master conman named Nicky who meets a beautiful girl (Robbie), falls in love, and offers to teach her all she knows. After a messy breakup, she shows up three years later as an accomplished conwoman in her own right. Only, things get complicated when it transpires that she's now Nicky's rival.

Directed by Glenn Ficara and John Requa - the guys behind Crazy, Stupid Love and I Love You, Phillip Morris - Focus certainly has a lot to live up to. From the looks of things, it could be a career-maker for Robbie, who sizzles on screen as a femme fatale.

That's not forgetting Smith, who we know has firmly established his dramatic reputation. The trailer suggests another potential sit-up-and-listen moment for the Fresh Prince. But take a look and judge for yourself:


Will you be watching Focus?


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