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Mark Newton

So, what would RoboCop look like if you stripped all the audio and placed a Kraftwerk-esque electronic techno score over the top? The answer: Well, still pretty good actually.

Electronica band, Ultra Pulverize, took the original 1987 classic and proceeded to supply their own retro-futuristic soundtrack live. They've been showing the event at a few small theaters but now a six minute video of their performance has made its way online. Give it a watch below:

Deeply affected and inspired by Paul Verhoeven's 1987 film Robocop as children, Ultra Pulverize has set out to pay tribute to the science fiction classic by providing a live, full-length, electronic re-score. Original instrumentation will be incorporated with dialogue and sound effect samples from the film, and as a statement against talking during movies, there will be no rapping.

What do you think? An improvement, or an abomination?


Ultra Pulverize's version of RoboCop was...



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