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What makes us buy sports games like NBA 2K15?

Every year I wonder why we return to games like Fifa and NBA over and over again. Minor improvements are made on a great formula and we're still happy to hand over $60 every year for the latest version.

Now it could be that we don't want to be left out of the loop when everyone else leaves 2014 behind, but there never seems to be great justification to buy the latest edition in a series, sometimes they even have worse reviews than the last one. But then we get a game like NBA 2K15.

The improvements to the latest installment in the NBA gaming franchise are so numerous and well designed that it's worth disposing of your older version. Something which can't always be said for these sports games, but with this one you only have to look at that screenshot above to go crazy for 2K15!

The Great Improvements in NBA 2K15!

First of all the graphics alone were enough to make me want to get it. Just incredible. The detail in the player's faces has dramatically improved and the lighting on the ball and court is just stunning. This game was released for Xbox 360 and PS3, but it shines on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Incredible realism in NBA 2K15.
Incredible realism in NBA 2K15.

NextGen really suits sports games as the improvements upon realism is far superior to any developments we've seen over the years. 2K Sports and the people at Visual Concepts have done a beautiful job with this installment and it's a worth while addition to the franchise that has been throwing out one of the best sports games on the planet every year.

There have also been alterations in every other facet of the game! The menus for starters have been re-worked. Which is an impressive change seeing as they've been so great for years, but apparently they felt a change was required. This may annoy many of you who are familiar with it, but the new menu system is slick and easily navigated making it a great new interface for the future of NBA.

Those eyebrows.
Those eyebrows.

The basic gameplay concepts you've grown to love are still there, but 2K has added over 6,000 new animations, 100+ unique "size-up" dribble moves, and several big innovations to increase realism and keep players from driving to the hoop every play with LeBron or draining every three with Kyle Korver.

Though the greatest of these innovations has taken place in defense. Not only is it harder to "stick" to an offensive player by simply holding down the "Intense Defense" button, but gamers now have the ability to read players' footwork and tendencies to better stop drives, closeout on jumpers, and play passing lanes. While this makes playing right away a bit harder, these improvements will sure to be as great and revolutionary as Fifa 12 was for football games.

On the other side of the ball, 2K has added new shooting mechanics, an improved shot meter, a new play system, complete pass control, multiple resolutions for dunks (i.e. throwing the ball into the hoop like Blake Griffin if you don't make it to the rim), and increased post-up control, among other things. All of these great additions come together in NBA's new modes and buffering of old classics.

NBA 2K15
NBA 2K15

The MyCAREER mode now allows for players to scan their faces into 2K15 using the Kinect and the game's Facial Mapping technology, letting each of us live out our greatest NBA fantasies with a character that looks almost exactly like us. The MyPARK mode is far deeper this season, MyTEAM returns with a new Challenges mode, and the MyLEAGUE and MyGM modes allow for a near-insane level of customization and depth. They've even added 11 more Euroleague teams into the mix, bringing the total to 25.

There is an intense abundance of features in NBA 2K15 to get lost in. The game will have you constantly working out how you can master all of the latest features in all the new modes. Go get lost in NBA 2K15!


Will you be getting NBA 2K15?


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