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Both consoles are having issues with Forza Horizon 2 or Driveclub!

If you're one of those lucky people who owns both an Xbox One and PS4 you have the privilege of deciding between Forza Horizon 2 and Driveclub (or just get both if you're doing that well). But for those of us out there all we want to know is if we got the better driving game for our console.

These two games have made huge promises to bring the future of driving games to NextGen consoles, even though Forza Horizon 2 will be released for Xbox 360 also. Therefore, they have a tremendous degree of pressure on their shoulders to impress us with their new engines (love puns me).

So with that, let's dive into a comparison of these two "revolutionary" driving games!

Gameplay comparison

In terms of gameplay, these two really couldn't be any further apart. Driveclub has you speeding around tight corners on various different tracks without any room for exploration. Driveclub is a racing game and the only thing that you are going to be doing is just that! If you're a hardcore racer than this'll probably sound like a dream for you!

With Forza Horizon 2 we have a completely different experience. Rather than tight tracks, Forza gives us an open world! At any point you can abandon the road you find yourself on and fly through the bushes or cactus patches on either side of you with Sideshow Bob screaming all the way (anybody?).

You can choose to cruise through the countryside, search for side quests or attempt to hunt down some new cars, all of this is left in your capable hands.

Graphics Battle

Forza Horizon 2
Forza Horizon 2

In terms of graphics the Xbox One and PS4 are pretty similar and at this stage we're all getting an idea of which one performs better than the other. With Driveclub on PS4 the game looks sensational. The shadows, lighting and incredible level of detail are seriously impressive. It's a game that shows off Evolution Studios' and Sony's attention to detail. The game only has 50 or so cars but they are beautiful creations.

Forza Horizon 2 looks great, though it's not as detailed as Driveclub. But it's open world environments and day and night cycles are impressive in their own right. I feel Sony's console wins in this department by a small margin.


Okay, they're driving games, so the last thing that seemed to be on the designers mind's was a good campaign. Forza Horizon 2 has championship events that are 4 races and then move on for the entirety of the game. They add a whole lot of other content though with fun trials and the ability to explore the world.

Driveclub has a lot of variety with its content, challenges and car-specific races but the campaign comes to an end after a ridiculous 8-10 hours which is far too short.

Cars comparison

Forza Horizon 2 certainly has an advantage in this department with an impressive 240+ cars. They range from so many different years and manufacturers that there really is a great variety here.

Then we have Driveclub with 55 cars, now they are beautifully and painstakingly designed cars but the number does feel a little small and they are mostly European (not a bad thing though).

Social Interaction

Both games feature social hubs, although Driveclub only offers a 6 member maximum while Forza Horizon 2 allows you to have up to 1,000 friends join you. A pretty substantial difference.


Unfortunately there is little in terms of customization in Driveclub, there are a wide variety of paint jobs but that's about it. A strange addition to a game that is so focused on racing. Forza Horizon 2 on the other hand, with a wide variety of colors lets you change everything. There is a great deal of customization that can be enjoyed here.


It seems, even though I own a PS4, Forza Horizon 2 has offered a far better experience for gamers who enjoy driving simulators. With far more exploration and variety in store this game tops Driveclub in almost every way aside from graphics. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!


Forza Horizon 2 or Driveclub, which one for you?


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