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The premiere of The Vampire Diaries season six might have got our engines started, but episode two definitely got all the fans I know way more revved up!

Damon and Bonnie found out where, and when, they are; Caroline finally came face to face with Stefan, and Tripp turned out to be a brutal vampire slaughterer... what more could you want?

So, let's all swot up and recap the whirlwind of activity that was 'Yellow Ledbetter'!

Damon and Bonnie

As promised, we find out exactly where, and more importantly, when Damon and Bonnie are.

After reliving their anti-climactic death sequence, the pair realize that their is something a bit off about the barrage of serious '90's cars that litter the streets.

Damon picks up a paper and notices that it's dated May 10th, 1994, which places them in a much older Mystic Falls, full of now lost relics such as Elena's house and the Mystic Grill...

After the solar eclipse sweeps over them for the second time, Damon and Bonnie realize they are trapped living the same day over and over again, while winding each other up more and more.

Just when they feel like they will be stuck in each other's company for all eternity, Bonnie realizes they aren't alone when a mystery entity completes her crossword puzzle.

Although they've been squabbling, there were moments where it seemed like Bamon could really become a reality in this strange new world. It's not like they have much choice when it comes to someone to get close to...


Elena and Alaric

Elena is stowing away her memories in order to forget Damon, but it's going to take more than shoving some photos in a box for Alaric to compel her to forget.

During their initial meeting Alaric uses hypnosis to try and purge Elena's mind of her memories of falling in love with Damon, but understandably, Elena struggles to let go. I mean, would you forget all of those romantic, passionate moments just like that?!

The pressure of dishing up her romantic memories to Ric eventually causes Elena to crumble and give up the therapy while she desperately searches for more witchy drugs so she can summon her hallucinogenic Damon.

Thankfully, Caroline calls and tells Alaric that Elena fell in love with Damon while she was still with Stefan and that the treatment isn't working because she's lying to him.

After Alaric prompts her for the information, Elena eventually spills the moment her and Damon fell in love. She explains that she first realized she was in love with her boyfriend's brother on her birthday after spending the summer searching for Stefan.

Damon presented her with a necklace that was originally given to her by Stefan that she thought she'd lost. Elena explained:

He gave me the one thing that gave me hope about me and his brother even though he loved me. It hurt him so much but he did it. In that moment I loved him.

After unlocking this vital memory, Alaric now has the power to compel Elena to forget.

Elena begs him to erase the memories of her love for Damon, and once her affection is gone, Elena remembers his monstrous side. Particularly that time Damon murdered her brother, Jeremy.

When Alaric asks Elena who Damon Salvatore is, she replies:

He's Stefan's brother who's a monster...And then he died.

Whoa. Things are going to be pretty damned awkward when Damon makes his way back...


Stefan, Enzo, and Caroline

Not content to block himself off from his entire circle of friends, Stefan is also distancing himself from his new girlfriend, Ivy, for good measure.

Meanwhile, in Mystic Falls, Caroline learns from Alaric that Stefan hasn't been searching for Damon and nobody is doing anything to help save her lost friends.

In typical Enzo style, our fave Brit vampire makes an entrance by smooching some secrets out of a coat-check girl...for Damon, of course!

After Enzo learns the name of a mysterious coven in Oregon that has learned to communicate with dead ancestors, his romantic tryst is rudely interrupted by Caroline.

Enzo dupes Caroline into thinking they are driving to see the coven he's just learned about, while actually taking the pair on a nice little road trip to pay the absent Stefan a visit.

When Enzo and Caroline crash into his new life, Stefan is clearly not very pleased...or well prepared to deal with the web of lies he has spun Ivy about his identity.

Discussion get's heated over the world's most awkward dinner party (was anyone else actually cringing?!), and Enzo loses his temper about Stefan's cowardly abandonment of his friends...

...So, he jams a fork into his hand like any reasonable person would.

Caroline compels Ivy to forget what she's seen at the dinner table and takes her upstairs while Enzo turns the heat up on Stefan and tells him he is no brother to Damon.

After a bit of a vampiric punch up, Enzo tells Stefan that he will make him pay for his abandonment of Damon and that he will deliver the lifetime of misery Stefan deserves...Then he gets his lights punched out.

After Stefan has dealt with Enzo, he walks into Caroline telling Ric that Elena fell in love with Damon while she was still with him.

Caroline is devastated that he heard, but Stefan insists that it doesn't matter any more.

Caroline realizes Stefan has just stopped caring about everything and breaks down when she learns he hasn't even listened to her voice mail messages. Obviously, she is also devastated to learn about Ivy.

Enzo finds Caroline sobbing in the car and goes back to teach Stefan a lesson by snapping his innocent girlfriends neck like a twig.

See, told you she wouldn't last long!


Jeremy, Matt, and Tripp

Jeremy is inadvisably getting it on with the girl who Elena sunk her fangs into in the premiere, and Matt is not impressed.

Later on in the episode, Matt tells Tripp that the mystery girl was in his house earlier that day and Tripp reveals she is driving a stolen car and not to be trusted. Jeremy and his new love interest leave to stay at Damon and Stefan's place when Matt says she can't stay.

Although Jeremy has a new squeeze, he is still totally in bits about Bonnie and he leaves her voicemail messages to express how he feels about her death, and him being left alone in Mystic Falls.

Near the end of the episode, Tripp reveals to Matt that he is a descendant of one of the Mystic Falls founding families.

Matt asks him if he knows all the other stuff about Mystic Falls and Tripp plays ignorant, but he is actually driving a truck full of captured vampires.

S**t's getting real!


How did TVD season 6 episode two compare to the premiere?


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