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2K and Firaxis Games have tough times ahead for us in Civilization Beyond Earth!

In the latest installment in the Civilization family, Civilization Beyond Earth, we move to a sci-fi setting out in space. You will lead a colony from Earth who settle on an alien world in order to further expand the human race. You will have to make great use of resource pods and natural resources around you on these foreign planets to further expand your colony and armies.

The game looks a lot like the Starcraft franchise (probably just the space setting that's triggering this) though retains the city growth and domination joy of Civilization. To be honest I don't see revolutionary changes compared to Civilization 5. It appears to be a new glossy version of V set in space with very little alterations aside from the research and tech additions. What do you think when you watch this?

Differences between Civilization V and Civilization Beyond Earth

The Aliens in this game are unusual in that they actually aren't always barbaric. They certainly will rip you apart if you annoy them early on, but they are actually quite docile if you leave them be as you get started. The more of their units you kill the more aggressive towards humans they will become, they are just another faction in Civilization: Beyond Earth.

One of the unique aspects of Beyond Earth is how you can adopt one of three affinities from Purity, Harmony or Supremacy. There are only a few unit types available in the game such as soldier, gunner, tank, artillery, etc. and they increase in power and hit points only from increasing your highest affinity level. This increase happens globally and instantly, so it is a huge and powerful upgrade.

If, for example, you want to attack your neighbor and still have the first tier of soldiers, it's probably best to wait until you get that tech or finish that quest to increase your affinity level.

Civilization Beyond Earth
Civilization Beyond Earth

Will fans enjoy Civilization Beyond Earth?

For many fans, the joy of a game like Civilization is being able to expand across a continent with a web of inter-connected cities and tile improvements like farms or mines. In Beyond Earth though, it is really difficult to expand quickly without seriously hampering your faction. Like roads did in Civ V, tile improvements like biowells or manufactories cost a significant amount of energy to maintain. While you usually want to build the best structures you can to take advantage of strategic resources, you need to slow your roll in Beyond Earth until you've built up enough of an economy to support it.

To be honest, that doesn't sound exactly like what I love about this series but we'll see how it goes...

Launching orbital units into space is pretty dang effective. The satellites vary in purpose and they almost always change the way you play once they are launched, but their use doesn't really get important until the mid-game. Early on, you may get a Solar Collector from exploring a resource pod (think Ancient Ruins from Civ V), but otherwise most of the orbital units you'll build are pretty deep in the tech web.

What do you think of these changes? To be honest, they don't seem substantial enough to make me want to get my hands on this game anytime soon. But I dono, I may just be cynical. For new comers it may be best to check out Civilization V seeing as it's pretty easy to get a hang of that one and will certainly help you for Beyond Earth!

What do you guys think of how Civilization Beyond Earth is looking?


Do you like the look of Civilization Beyond Earth?


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