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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Horror fans and people with a fascination for the paranormal will be chilled by the Possession of the Ammons Family.

Medical staff looked on shocked as her son, 9, walked backwards up a wall, The Daily Mail Reports.

Latoya Ammons of Gary, Indiana told the authorities of terrifying details, saying that her three children had been possessed, manifesting in bulging eyes, shaking, and growling.

Ammons contacted a psychic, who told her there were over 200 demons in their family home.

In one frightening incident, Ammons saw her 12-year-old daughter levitating above her bed, totally unconscious. The girl had no memory of the terrifying levitation taking place.

Just like The Exorcist, the family even called in a priest, Father Michael Maginot who, despite early reservations, became convinced enough by the case to perform three separate Exorcisms.

Father Maginot performed one Exorcism in Latin.
Father Maginot performed one Exorcism in Latin.

In another terrifying incident, one of the children seemed to be attacked by a demon as he read the Bible:

He felt like something was stabbing him in the stomach. The more he was was reading the Bible, the more it was stabbing, punching... they saw something flying across the room and land blam like that.

Ammons says her children were all dragged and thrown around the house, sometimes suffering bleeding gums and breathing problems.

A police photo showing a shadowy figure in the home
A police photo showing a shadowy figure in the home

As in Deliver Us From Evil, local law enforcement became involved. Initially highly skeptical, Captain Austin of the police department said his suspicions were allayed by a communication on his radio:

All of a sudden this growling voice came from my AM/FM radio. It said, 'YOU OUTTA HERE' Then a lot of garbled other stuff and static

Terrifying. This case seems to have a lot more documented eye-witness accounts than most tales of exorcism and possession.

I leave it to you to decide - the real deal or another hoax?


The Possession of the Ammons Family: Real or Hoax?

Source: The Daily Mail


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