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... completely awesome. In case you were confused over the sheer bad-assery of George Clooney (who, upon crashing the Tomorrowland panel at NYCC during his honeymoon, claimed he may not have been invited to past comic-con events "because of that whole Batman thing... you know, the nipples.") Tomorrowland will most certainly give your mind a poke.


I attended the panel on behalf of Moviepilot, and after getting over the heart attack of seeing Hugh Laurie and George Clooney on the same stage - taking verbal potshots at each other, as ex-TV doctors do - I was subjected to one of the coolest teaser clips ever. It's not online, so here's the breakdown:

The main character, Casey, is walking into the woods toward an old white house. She passes a mailbox with the name “WALKER” on it before going through the woods and approaching the house. When she knocks on the door, though, Frank Walker (George Clooney) tells her to leave. She’s persistent, argues with him, begs her to “take her there” (to tomorrow land, presumably) because she wants to experience it. Frank argues back about the ethical procedures of the place - it's evident that he left for a reason. She bangs on his door, yells, and is suddenly blown backwards by some kind of magnetic force that Frank controls inside of his house. The shot cuts to her sitting outside of his door in the rain, making faces at him through the window.

George Clooney at NYCC 2014.
George Clooney at NYCC 2014.

Then we’re shown a small room filled with monitors - and a tractor fire outside. Frank sees this and runs out to extinguish it ) with the biggest, iciest extinguisher ever) and while he’s distracted, Casey runs into his house. He runs toward the door and is blown back by the same force he used on Casey.

Casey enters his control rooms and checks out the monitors. Several of them are playing the news, reminding us of the very realistic chaos that establishes Casey’s reality as the “real world” - riots, police shootings, disease and poverty. When Frank finds her, Casey demands answers and says she knows he’s been to this place - but the argument is cut short by lasers shining through the cracks in the door. Frank is upset: “They followed you here!”

Some kind of space police force has tracked them down. The police break into the house, with our heroes running to escape them and fending them off with not-so-household objects - Frank has mountains of technology that’s never been seen before. Frank outsmarts several cops and takes them out - popping off the HEAD of one of them and revealing that they are not quite human (see also: robots). When they’re confronted by an armed officer, Frank gets beaten up, but Casey grabs a large, round, flat object and attempts to knock the cop out with it. Turns out it’s a portal, which takes half of the cops body into itself, causing Casey to panic. Frank knocks the gun and the cop’s hand clear off of the cop with a crowbar, and the two run. The cops remind me a lot of the aliens from Galaxy Quest, except without the pristine makeup and weird haircuts. In the scuffle, Casey also disarms and takes out another officer with a baseball bat - and totally wails on him until Frank tells her to stop.

Frank leads Casey into the bathroom and the two get into the empty tub. As Casey protests, Frank grabs a controller and starts hitting several buttons. The tub turns out to be on a track, with a glass and metal frame coming down over them to contain them within it - and just as the cops approach, the tub turns into a ROCKET and blasts into the sky.

So, yeah, this movie looks pretty freakin' neat. On top of being a lifetime Tomorrowland enthusiast (you could call my life a Carousel of Progress, really) I've always wanted to see more done with Disney rides, especially after Pirates of the Caribbean became an unstoppable franchise with Johnny Depp at the Captain's wheel. If Tomorrowland becomes a smash hit, I hope Disney continues with projects like these. Bringing the kid in us to the movies is one of the things Disney excels at, so I definitely see something like this happening again in the future.


Looking forward to Tomorrowland?


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