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Hello, Pilots!

On top of covering some of the coolest events at New York Comic-Con this year, we here at Moviepilot have decided to put on a panel especially for the creative, awesome women in geek media (but of course, guys are welcome too) with a roster of amazing professional ladies who work in animation, gaming, costume design, and of course, journalism!

Come check out our panel if you're at NYCC and looking to build your path to that dream job as a comic writer, video game designer, programmer, animator, and much much more! Our panelists will be happy to answer your questions, offer advice, and give you info on how to advance in our young, challenging and growing industry. The panel will be moderated by our Editor-in-Chief, Alisha Grauso, one of the coolest mentors/friends/coworkers I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

Here are the details:

What's more, we're holding a giveaway for one lucky audience member! While the giveaway winnings are a surprise, what I can tell you is that what we're giving away can help creators of all sorts - whether you're looking to write, vlog, or publish your artwork, we know that our grand prize will help you kick it all off.

If you're not particularly into the panel, we're still here to satiate your needs! Look for me, Catrina Dennis, on the convention floor for fun Moviepilot stickers and your own spot in my video coverage of the convention!

See you soon!


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