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DEADPOOL MOVIE CONFIRMED!!! YESS!! FEBRUARY 12, 2016!!!! But people, waht is Deadpool without a good, funny villain? Nothing, just guns and babes.

Now one Xmen villain that is funny, clinically insane, not too lame or too good would be...... *drumroll* .......


ARCADE!!! You guessed it! (or didn't)

Now Arcade is a great villain for Deadpool because of Murderworld and dat laff doe!!!

Murderworld is a place where Arcade kidnaps heroes and basically puts them into a world he made that is almost something ripped from all SAW movies.

Murderworld is so messed up
Murderworld is so messed up

Now just to be fair, we would need a more physical villain. Maybe a do-over of Venompool. Then of course we would need Cable and Domino.

UPDATE: Due to a recent comment from Joshua Etchinson who is also making a fan film series called Robin Legacy. His comment:

Maybe the bad guy could be.... HIMSELF!!!!! (I mean him go alternate universe and kill of the X-Men Origins version of him

What I say, Hell yeh!

Now, we could still have Arcade, only he somehow pulled Deadpool out of the alternate reality and make him one of the challenges in Murderworld. Or he could just be a Deadpool that found a way to travel through a dimensional portal to hunt down the original Wolverine to kill all the others but comes across himself. The Deadpool we have been dying, killing, making chimichangas religiously to see.

So thank you Joshua.


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