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Huge shoutout to TV Overmind for reminding us that the 1986 cult-classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off was turned into a short-lived TV series by NBC in 1990 called Ferris Bueller. More proof that terrible reboots and spinoffs were a thing even back then. Ratings were good at first, especially since it aired Monday night right after The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (which was also in it's first season at the time). Sadly, ratings fizzled out and the show was cancelled after a mere 12 episodes.

If you watched the clip above, it's probably not at all surprising that this show didn't make it through a full season. You may be sitting at your computer right now wondering what the hell you just watched... I don't blame you, we all were, too.

Like TV-Ferris straight up referring to Movie-Ferris (Matthew Broderick), and then somehow grabbing a chainsaw (why does he have a chainsaw so readily available?) from his closet to cut off Broderick's head for seemingly no reason.

Or Jennifer Aniston being cast here... something that's already crazy, but also, the fact that her character, Jeanie, isn't at all concerned that her brother is upstairs operating a chain saw?! Then this new Ferris (who I already am annoyed with by now) outs his sister for having had a nose job and calling her spoiled... but why? Pretty mind-blowing to think that if this show had lasted a few years, Aniston may have missed her opportunity with Friends... talk about dodging a bullet! A bratty little brother bullet!

They moved Ferris from Chicago to Los Angeles. So, let me get this straight.... NBC's Monday night lineup had Will Smith on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air followed by this. A similar type of "cool" hot-head character, also living in Los Angeles... who seems pretty wealthy... always getting into trouble... sounds like NBC's creative executives that year were running short on ideas or were just way too comfortable wracking in that niche dough.

Okay, I know it's kind of unfair to hate on his computer since this was shot in 1990. But I'll call B.S. on the fact that it only took him pounding random keys on the keyboard a few times to pull up these videos/pictures of his best friend... and of course, his dream girl Sloan. In the movie, Sloan was his girlfriend... but on the show, she's just a big crush?

Once again, I know it was 1990... but, is he serious with these pants?

And then there's the dancing in the opening credits... like, c'mon man. Once again, look guys, I *know* it was 1990 but for some reason, I feel like this couldn't have been cool, even then.

Pilot episodes can sometimes be the weakest part of a series, but in this case, I really can't imagine this going anywhere good... and neither did audiences, clearly. This just goes to show... a classic movie doesn't always work as a TV show. I think the writers had an identity crisis here. They wanted to borrow from the movie while also distancing themselves from it, and it didn't work. No bueno!


Weirdest part of the video?


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