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‪‎Dracula‬ is undoubtedly one of the most famous mythological creations in literature history. Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, is played convincingly by British rising star ‪‎Luke Evans‬ and brings a subtle sadness to the darkness the role carries. The battle scenes are mightily impressive, especially after Vlad has gained his powers, taking on and swiftly defeating a huge Turk army single handedly. The plot itself had a few holes. Briefly mentioning Vlad's dark past and his old friendship with Sultan Mehmed (Dominic Cooper), the leader of the Turk army. Plus, when Vlad goes to seek out a vampire named Caligula (Charles Dance from Game of Thrones), their conversation about the debt Vlad would owe him if he became a full vampire was a little confusing, but I did see the film at 10:30pm so I was probably half conscious. All in all ‪‎Dracula Untold‬ was an AMAZING origins movie. It is worth seeing for the action, (and Luke Evans's abs) but it does lack a little backstory.


What is your opinion on Dracula Untold?


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