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Arrow is back with a third season. Amazing that a show that started off so bad blossomed into something really good with a lot of potential. The first season was just okay with a lot of problems. It was better than what I expecting since the trailers made it look awful. I didn't have much interest in watching the second season but after a while the previews hooked me so I did a marathon of all the episodes until the finale came out. If you want my thoughts on Season 2, I did a whole article about it which you can read here. But if you don't want to read it, I'll give quick thoughts: it was better than Season 1 but it still suffered from the same problems and some new ones. *Cough* Canary! *Cough*

Season 3's first episode was actually pretty good. The opening action scene was a great way to show off the partnership between Arsenal and the shot where Arrow says "You have failed this city." then punches the camera was a plus.

The episode definitely shows Oliver struggling to balance his life as Arrow and as Oliver Queen. Very Batman-esque like always but I digress since it was still done well. Count Vertigo is played by Peter Stormare (Gee Stormare playing a villain. Never thought I'd see that one.) and he is enjoyably cheesy as the villain who uses his chemical to make Arrow face his worst fear. Wow...does that sound familiar to another villain in the least?

Scarecrow Rip-Off Much?
Scarecrow Rip-Off Much?

Brandon Routh is introduced as Ray Palmer who (SPOILERS) will become the hero known as the Atom. He did a decent job and I look forward to seeing what else he'll do as the character. Hopefully by the end of the season he will dawn the Atom suit.

Laurel's in the episode...and I still don't care about her.

Quentin Lance is Captain of the Police Force which is great and he works with Arrow...but he's got a condition so he's more than likely going to die this season. Joy.

Roy is finally Arsenal and it is awesome to see him in the suit, too bad it took an entire Season before he became Arsenal.

The fight scenes and climax were well done, especially the climax since Arrow overcomes his fear and fights the villain. Again Batman-esque.

So far everything is great...until somebody shows up.

Terrible character off the port bow!
Terrible character off the port bow! favorite character. (Obvious sarcasm FTW)

Seriously, you've already brought this character back? Why can't somebody just kill her already? Oh wait that's the end of the episode. Yep, Dark Archer fires three arrows into her stomach then she falls off a building to her death... YEEEEES!!!!

Ding dong the witch is dead!
Ding dong the witch is dead!

Celebrate good times come on! You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this. It's beautiful. No more pointless emo drama and poor acting from this character because she's dead! Finally.

Oh and then there are the flashbacks to Hong Kong...I couldn't care less.

Overall "The Calm" was the best opener out of all the Seasons and I hope the Season stays good and the writers have learned from their mistakes. In case you are wondering, yes I will be reviewing every episode of Arrow, Gotham, and Flash that come out.

What were your thoughts on Arrow's first episode of Season 3? Love? Hate? Comment down below in the comments!


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