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Choosing who can be next in line for the throne can be a tough decision to make, specially when its talk about new avengers. There is the loud talk of the new avengers coming into play but before they go and randomly introduce a whole bunch of new characters these are the few charcaters i believe should get their own movie.


The first one up is none other than spider-woman. She obtained her powers when hydra, yeah the one from the cap movies, began experimenting on her. They sent her to kill old nick fury but when he revealed the bad things that hydra wanted to do she turned to good. I know there is already lots of talk about her since she could be party of the new avengers but I feel like we need to know where she came from and what her character really is about. Its the least we can do for our patient audience.

She kicks so much ass and looks doing so, I mean look at…sorry getting off track. She has an incredible background that crosses the path of two great characters that we know an dlove, mystique and rogue. She is also rumored to show up sooner or later, but lets hope for sooner than later. She has powers that can surpass many of the charcaters we've seen so far, yes even that cocky fuck tony. She goes through a lot and thorughout her life, what with getting her powers taken away and having so be experimented on in order to rediscover them. She can handle her self in a stand alone movie quite well and would give us an awesome show at the same time. Her story line is one that we shokd not over look seeing as how she might show up as a part of the new avengers.


If i may be so blunt as to say that they portayed rogue terribly in the orignial x men trilogy. She was no where near as great as she could have been. Since they steared away from the x men and did a wolverine origin they should go ahead and do one for her as well. Yes i know she isnt a part of the new avengers but this movie will show to open the door for Ms. Marvels movie. Rogue became the child of mystique after she ran away from home. She would go on to do things with mystique not knowing that they werent the greatest of deeds. In one encounter with a well know hero by the name of Ms. Marvel she absorbs the heros powers. She over does it and winds up keeping Ms. Marvels powers permanently along with making Ms. Marvel near useless. Yes i know she may not be good enough for a stand alone film but she should have her story told a little more. Not only that but they should show everyone who doesnt know what rogue really can do.

Yes i know, even before you tell me. Im pushing the limit a bit with this one but hey a guy can fantasize. Just the other day i was in the shower….sorry I do that to often, getting off track. This group of heroes may be the most unlikeliest of heroes. In another article I had spoken about daken, wolverines son. He would be one of the key group members. Lead by norman osborn in an iron man type suit he made, this group amounts to a lot. I know you've seen the suit before in the other man movie but thats bullshit, norman should be wearing it. This group consists of many different unlikely heroes such as venom, luke cage, the scarlet witch…. Having that said I know it will be crazy to make it but also crazy awesome if they did they make it.

I know my last two i deas are a bit eccentric but we can alwasy hope for the best, huh hope. Hope summers….Thats for another article.

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