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Flávio mariscal

For those of you who dont know who hope is im sorry but you are morons…..I'm kidding i love you guys. She was the first mutant to be born after M-day, i know not many of you know what that is so ill explain. M-day, the day where almost every mutant was erased off the face of the earth. Hope was the first mutant to be born after M-day and was said to be the Messiah for mutant kind. Later she is also said, by bishop, to be the cause of yet another reign of mutant oppression. Cable protected her from being killed at birth and from there forth set off a new chain of events.

Im not saying they should give her the stand alone film she'd probably need but rather hint towards her presence little by little through out the whole last shabang of the marvel phases and whatever may come after this x-men trilogy. Hoping for the future to be more peaceful, by peaceful i mean studios allowing other studios to use characters they have rights for. This being said I thin that they could move on to do big things in which maybe they even do an Avengers vs Xmen franshise, which I doubt highly but one can dream. Hope is responsible for the outcome of mutant kind so that would play dearly into the x-men world. There are many different things that the future can bring as well, one would be when hugh jackman gets old and cant play a younger wolverine any more (but thats for a whole different discussion).

Comment below and tell me what you think about my insane idea. Again this would have to happen way in the future of the marvel universe.


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