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The future is always shrouded by the dark side. Sorry but it's true. To much evil in this world will cause horrible things to emerge. Often times we spend our days hoping for the best, here I am hoping for the best in the far future. I know that not many of us like thinking about getting old but we all do at some point. Logan, or how we may all know him wolverine, has played a vital part in most of the marvel movies and in the comics shows up again and again. No matter how good his healing factor is, eventually he is going to get old. Come on Logan we all have to grow up some day. This is the story line I'd pick once Hugh jackman becomes the suave old man that most women would still probably bang.

Old man Logan! Yes I know the ones that are reading this know what I am talking about. It maybe a bit huge for the studios but technology is getting better and in ten years who knows what we will be able to do. This story follows, yes you've guessed it, old man Logan in his incredible journey to make ends meet to pay his land lord the hulk clan. Now this may sound weird but let me explain. The world has no more law and order but instead is run by villains that have each ceased a part of the world as their own to rule. Logan lives under the hulks reign. Until the point where his family gets slaughtered Logan was a low profile farmer trying to make ends meet to pay the big boss up stairs. This story includes many different characters including a blind hawkeye, and makes the world seem a little more disturbing. The story may be a bit mind boggling at first but at a second glance you'd learn to love it as much as I did.

Yes I know this may be an impossibility but when Hugh gets old who's are we gonna replace him with.

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