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For those who have read what I've posted before know I usually post marvel stuff but today I'm gonna try out my left hand, no I'm not saying what you might Im saying. DC has some pretty good characters and some even better story lines. The ones that we love most of all is the tale of the dark knight. The man under the hood. The batman. He has been along for as long as I can remember, not saying that every one of his moments have been good but I digress. The caped crusader has had his share in the spotlight and has actually had great success on the small screen as well as on the big screen. I want to cover what they should do once the old bat gets to old to run with the Bulls, fly with the birds...would that be better. Any way. We can't expect the bats and joker to go on forever.

Beyond batman is another great side to Bruce Wayne in which he takes in a pupil which he plans on making into his successor. Being batman is a hard job, he'll I know many would apply if they could I know I would, but just like me Im sure many of you would quit the first day on the job. Bat,an beyond is the story of the crazy bats going into retirement after he finds him self limited to the point that he picks up a gun to fight off enemies. This is something that goes against the bats code of conduct, as we all know he rather beat them to a pulp with his bare hands. After years of retirement he finds a young man by the name of Terry McGinnis and decides to train him so he can become the next caped crusader. This takes place way way in the future with a new technologically powered batman suit terry wields. With the capacity of invisibility and rocket boosters to make him fly this new suit makes the story all the more interesting.

The studios would have trouble with this but I'm sure it'd be easier to make then the guardians of the Galaxy. The future is inevitable and times are a changing so why not show a new bold face for the bats. Of course after all this is done we can reboot the franchise and start fresh but for now let's focus on the tv show we all loved and the character that'd be fracking awesome to see on the big screen.

Thanks and please leave your comment below as to what you think the next movie should be.


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