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So I've had the idea for quite a while especially after the 2011 movie that they could do a cinematic universe with maybe a movie a year with Green Lantern. The 2011 didn't even try to show us the Lantern cores beyond Green beyond the post-credit scene. Show us they exist, why could the villain not have been the red lanterns or another Lantern core at war with the Green Lanterns baffles me.

There's a lot of story to tell. 4 Green Lanterns of Earth plus throw in sequels, movies for more lantern corps and Guy going onto the Red Lanterns seems like a decade worth of movies to me that they could have set up in 2011 if they went beyond Hal Jordan. Hint at other Lanterns that you could do spin-offs of like John Stewart or even Guy Gardnier!

If I were going to make a cinematic Green Lantern universe, this is how it could work, let's assume it starts in 2011

2011: Green Lantern: Hal Jordan (just to establish the most common one and Sinestro)

2012: Agent Orange (imagine smeagle with a lantern ring, but fill it with mine mine mine jokes)

2013: Green Lantern: Guy Gardnier (set up Red Lanterns)

2014: Green LanternS: (Focus on a group of random GL members to make an awesome movie)

2015: Guardians of the Universe (Origin of the GLs)

2016: Red Lanterns (whole other corps to focus on)

2017: Sinestro Corps War (set up Blackest Night)

2018: Blackest Night (Big crossover with all the Lanterns)

2019: Brightest Day: (Ending or Warner could make more)

Honestly there is so much [Green Lantern 2](movie:593221) movie potential I want to happen I could go on, I really want to see big screen Agent Orange though, and even a Red Lanterns movie!


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