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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
Evan Lee

Picture above: Concept art of me for upcoming (monthly) animated podcast, Talk Nerdy To Me. Which also features Moviepilot Contributors- Kyle Watkins and RoAnna Sylver!


Back in October of 2013 Moviepilot's staff member, Kat Bacon decided to interview little ole me. It was really cool at the time because I was just starting out in the company and I was throwing out articles left from right! To me that simple interview felt like something from Hollywood because I'm just a young dude that enjoys writing and making other people happy - Simple as that! Then someone comes out of nowhere asking for an interview, well excuse me ladies and gentlemen, because in that moment I felt like Denzel Washington...



Fast forward the clock and we're looking at October of 2014... So what's new with Evan Lee? In this article I want to tell you (the readers) more about myself, what's new in my writing career and perhaps answer questions in the comments section too!


Oh, a lot! First of all a HUGE thank you to all the readers that have read my articles because they're seriously the reason why I stay and keep trying to put out the best work I possibly can. As Jack Nicholson said, "you (readers) make me want to be a better man..." So, the craziest thing that has happened to me since last year would be my growth in popularity. I mean, how many people can say they wake up every morning knowing that 7 million people have viewed their work, that's insane! Not only that I have over 100 people following my work and I don't care if other writers have more than me, because my followers are BADASS.

Ever since I've been writing for Moviepilot so many doors have opened up for me such as writing multiple screenplays, interviewing actors/directors, becoming friends with big comic book artists, possibly working on a cartoon show for Comedy Central, directing my own movie and creating an animated podcast with friends. As I typed all that I couldn't stop smiling.

This entire experience is truly humbling and I can't stop pinching myself, I'm like dude, you're only 20 years-old - birthday was just last week. Not many people around my age can say they do what they love to do for a living. Also, I would like to say to all of you, always stay humble, appreciate the little things in life and remember to stick with something that you love to do. Money is cool, but it's not everything.

Crap! I almost forgot. My writing abilities have improved quite drastically, I'm getting better and better each day - I truly appreciate your patience during this process. Also, I'm more cool headed when it comes to replying to ignorant comments, hahaha.



Projects, projects, projects and more projects! I use to pop out so many articles like it was nobody's business. There was a time when the majority of the superhero articles were by me, now I'm non existent on the site (tears run down cheek). In all honesty, it really comes down to these three reasons why I write less articles-projects, myself and exhaustion.

We'll begin with myself first. If you're wondering how I'm a issue? Since day one I've always been competitive against my own self and as time went by I expected the best and only the best from myself. What would (and still does) happen, I would put unnecessary stress on myself so I would type a thousand word article and still think it was crap. This does slow me down quite a bit and I do it more often because I feel like I'm in a position on this website where I shouldn't be putting out mediocre/half-ass articles. I would rather take my time and release a good quality article. I think more people appreciate that... Pretty much I'm going for quality over quantity nowadays.

Still, I'm happy that I do this to myself, as it keeps me on my toes and I know that people who follow me will recognize I write these articles for them not just for myself.

My next reason is projects! This reason might go hand-to-hand with exhaustion. I've been so side track with my fan film about Robin, animated podcast and finishing my script for an animated horror short film. It's certainly a lot to manage and this is why I can't wait for 2015 to come around. By then, I'll have most of my projects finished and more time to focus on giving you guys awesome articles.

Actually, the great thing about most of the projects they're centered around Moviepilot and its readers. Such as my Marvel Civil War Motion Comic. Which was unfortunately put on hold due to money and tech issues, but it will be back!

Characters of Talk Nerdy To Me Podcast (RoAnna, Me and Kyle)
Characters of Talk Nerdy To Me Podcast (RoAnna, Me and Kyle)
Robin Reawakening Teaser Poster
Robin Reawakening Teaser Poster



No joke... It's really true and it's kinda hard to find. When you join Moviepilot make sure you're here to bring something new to the table, you have a passion for writing/being creative and you're here to improve your craft. For me, I'm always learning and I'm hungry to get better!

Stay far away from gossip and news. No, this is not a jab at people who type these articles. Everyone has their thing, I just suggest that you focus on being original. Read them, just don't type them and don't believe every piece of news you report will be promoted and receive thousands of views. Remember, everyone is already doing it and you're competing with 500+ contributors.

Also, your biggest competition will be veteran staff members who have been in the game longer, which equates to more followers and faster viral traffic to their page. To save yourself from being pissed off or feeling disappointed because your work hasn't been getting enough attention. I recommend creating well organized/creative fan castings, finding viral videos, fan art, creating quizzes, top list, what if...articles, etc. Something that you can call your own is the best feeling in the world!

More writers should create their own material, it's definitely good for expanding your imagination and artistic writing abilities. Don't be afraid of low numbers on your articles. My best advice is this... If you put out good content people will stay and they will follow - just be honest and loyal to your readers. Don't you EVER mislead them with false article titles because it's a slap to their face. Remember these same people that criticize everything you write are the same people that help you become popular within the site. Try to interact as much as possible with your readers in the comments section - build relationships with your readers.

Last, but not least, have fun.



Hmm, this can vary depending on my mood. I'll just start with my least favorites since it's a very short list. I try to avoid gossip, speculation and news articles like the plague! News articles are just the same to me and my least favorite to write for a few reasons.

They can be exciting to report if you're a big fan of whatever the subject is about, but after that it blows. 9 times out of 10 people have already reported it before you so you're sitting there staring at your laptop screen realizing you wasted precious time with an article that more than 60 other websites have already written about. In other words I think of reporting the news as copy and paste. You see it from one source and you just repeat the same stuff. We already get enough of these type of articles so I'll leave it to people that actually enjoy writing news.

Here's my opinion on gossip...

Right up the kisser
Right up the kisser

Next is articles that do nothing, but speculations. I'm probably a hypocrite for not liking these type of articles... (Sighs). They're just like news articles and you see them a lot. Some people might say "Evan don't be such an asshole, they take a lot of imagination and energy to write." Do they.... Do they really? Does anyone know the definition of speculating? To keep it short, it means creating a theory out of something with little to no evidence which you see in a lot of news articles. This creates an illusion in many news articles believing there's more information. When in reality you're kinda pulling random ideas, making the story seem far more interesting than it really is.

Just to make this clear, I'm not trying to bash on individuals that write these type of articles because I use to do the same thing until I realized how much I hated writing them.

I love writers that have more original content (that's not bullsh*t) than just news on their profile page. Here are some writers that do this on Moviepilot and some of them I believe are much better than me: Solon Papageorgiou, Darragh O'Connor, RoAnna Sylver, Khalil Wright, Amy Martin, The Horror Honeys, Kyle Watkins, Marc Rod, Jonathan J Moya, Ariel Jones, Derpetta V. Greene , Christina Tenisha, Dave Conley and Thomas A. Rice.

I know there are more, but those were some names from the top of my head. If you put out plenty of original content, please let me know because I'm always looking for something new on this website :)



In all seriousness, I just want to be the best at what I do. I never took up writing for materialistic values. When I get old I want to be sitting in a rocking chair somewhere out in the country on my front porch drinking some ice tea. Thinking to myself "I did it". As my name will go down in history alongside some of the greatest writers and directors. So my big goal would to be immortalized through my name and leaving amazing work for the next generation to enjoy. Money is cool, fancy cars are cute, fake tits are fun, etc. The simple things in life are the best and having a small group of friends is better than 1,000 Facebook friends you barely know.

I'm still a young man that has a lot to learn so I'm in no rush and I know one day I'll reach my full potential. If you really want something, go for it.



I want to thank every single person that has taken the time to read my articles during this past year and I hope many more of you continue to read my work. It really is an honor and a privilege just to write on a website like Moviepilot and having the opportunity to share my work around the world. Like I said, expect much more from me in 2015 because it's going to be wild! I really enjoy writing articles like these and it gives me a chance to connect more with the MP Community. If you have any questions, feel free to leave it in the comments section below. Also, in approximately 10 days we will officially release our Talk Nerdy To Me podcast animation for episode 1!

On Monday I'll release a promotional article for the podcast featuring preview animation clips and audio from previous episodes.

Again, thanks again for reading and all of your support is much appreciated!


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