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As most everyone knows (or should by now) SAW is coming BACK to theaters just for Halloween, so if you had plans that DIDN'T include catching SAW in the theater you should probably scrap them and rethink your life.

Judging you.
Judging you.

The best thing about seeing films like this in the theater, is that you're re-experiencing that immersive horror "thing" that doesn't quite translate when you're watching at home with glare on the TV and the smell of dinner cooking/burning in the background (don't judge me), or without headphones on your tiny laptop, or while you're doing a million other things at the same time. Watching a film like SAW with an audience of strangers who love it almost as hard as you do, or people who have never seen it in the theater, never seen it at all, or who were too young to enjoy it because of age restrictions or whatever else is a singular experience.

With many films going the direct to DVD/BluRay/VOD release, a theatrical re-release of a genre favorite is a big deal.

To celebrate this re-release, Lionsgate is being super savvy about it, and are releasing variant posters in the weeks leading up to Halloween, which are definitely works of art in heir own right. The second of four unique one-sheets has dropped, and I can't WAIT to see the rest!

You can see the FIRST poster and the Re-Release Trailer HERE!

So, c'mon... do you want to play a game?

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