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So, there I was researching and obsessing over my favorite superhero Captain America as usual and I stumble across an awesome article I thought to myself "Whoa! this will surely satisfy the moviepilot universe" hehe . Here it is ladies and gents the debate to end all debates about Captain America. First things first we have all debated countless times about Captain America's abilities, punching power, running speed, superhuman or normal human. But here is an article from NOTE! ALL CREDIT GOES TO so without further do let's read this awesome article about our favorite Super Soldier Captain America.

All information and details below are base from extensive research of legit sources from Marvel comics, Marvel official movies, Marvel official sites, original fan sites, etc. Images are from official Marvel Companies prints, artworks, and comics.

New Generation Cap
New Generation Cap

Captain America is the peak of human physical capabilities and conditioning without being considered superhuman. He is the strongest, fastest, most agile, most durable, most healthy, and the most physically able human being ever, past, present, and the future. He's physical feats and prowess are the zenith of human potential as stated in the marvel official website. Captain America is the perfect specimen of human conditioning and development. Captain America doesn't have powers like, energy blast, force field, laser attacks, fire attacks, ice attacks, wind blast, teleportation, mind control and he doesn't have godlike strength and speed like that of the incredible Hulk or the Flash.

Captain America strength level. Is Captain America Super-Human strong?

A decent estimates and calculation of Cap's overall strength.

Original Captain America is a 800lbs avg -1100lbs max lifter. 1100lbs avg-1600lbs max bench press.

Movie Captain America could be a 1800lbs avg - 2200lbs max lifter. 2200lbs avg-2600lbs max bench press.

Ultimate Captain America is a 3500lbs avg- 4500lbs max lifter. 4500lbs avg-5000lbs max bench press.

When we say max lifter or "lift" it is lifting or holding a particular weight using both hands stretched up and over one's own head while standing still. Military press and clean and jerk can be qualified as well.

For comparison, the strongest real life person world record lift is around 500lbs plus. Average man can lift only around 80-120lbs over his head. Batman should be able to do around 500lbs plus max lifting as well. Spider man can lift around 6000lbs - 10000 lbs. Hulk could lift way more than 100,000 pounds of weight!

First of all there are three version of Captain America, the original (comics), the ultimate (comics), and the movie version Captain America. Ultimate Captain America is super human and very strong as he can lift 3-5 tons and should be able to bench press up to 5000lbs. Original Captain America can be considered borderline super human and beyond peak human. Read further explanation below.

What makes Captain America super human?

10 List of Captain America's powers.

Original Captain America is borderline super human and slightly beyond peak human level just by the fact that no human can ever compare to his physical prowess past, future, present. He is not only peak, he is the most peak and no human comes close to him. If a human can equal him by other means such as training then the point of the super soldier serum is invalidated.

No other human or even peak human level superheroes can equal him in terms of strength, speed, agility, endurance, etc. Captain America bodily function, conditioning, and development is at 100% peak human potential. Captain America is the peak-est of all human even in the far future. Although other super heroes or human are also stated as having peak human strength/speed/agility/etc, they are still not100% peak, only Captain America is. They are not equal to Captain America as they can never be 100% peak because they were not enhance by the super soldier serum. These other peak human super heroes or peak human don't have the capabilities to be 100% peak because they are limited by lot of factors such as age, weight, height, sex, genes, environment, money, negative emotions, lack of belief, and so on. These said factors affect their capabilities to reach the full human physical potential of strength, speed, endurance, etc. One example is age, a man who can live 200 years (prime age at 100-140 years old) can trained himself more physically than someone who only lives only for 90 years. These heroes are still labelled as peak humans because they are still physically able to do things that only the exceptional physically strong/fast/etc real life peak level humans (natural or trained) can do, but that doesn't mean all of them are equal in term of strength/speed/etc. They are peak level but not really on the same scale. So there should be a range or percentage level of being peak human in which Captain America is automatically at 100% peak. Marvel didn't gave a lot of attention to details in how they scale their heroes specially the peak humans. Captain America has seen in the comics bench pressing raw 1100lbs. Currently the real life peak human strength can bench press around 650lbs-700lbs raw (no bench shirt) mostly at only 1-rep max. World raw bench press record is by Eric Spoto at 722lbs at 1-rep max. Sources says that Batman is said to have peak human strength as well and can bench press 600-700lbs but since Cap bench press 1200lbs raw then the theory of having a range percentage level for being peak human should be acknowledge. If Captain America works on 1200lbs bench press and classified as 100% peak, then real life record holder super weight lifters who bench press 650-700lbs is still considered peak human but just in lower percentage. The usual highest number of raw bench press (no power equipment support like bench shirt) in real life is around 650-700lbs and these are the peak stats before Captain America came to being. After Captain America came to being, the 650-700lbs bench presser can still be called peak human but would not have 100% peak human strength, they will be more like around 40-60% peak human strength. Batman, Daredevil, Black Panther, etc are also labelled as having peak human strength, but they are not on the level of Captain America. These other peak human superheroes will be like the real life super strong power lifters or a bit stronger.

*Terms to keep in mind. Raw Bench Press - is bench press without any power equipment support like a bench shirt. This is bench pressing without or with just only wrist and hand support. A bench shirt and other power support equipment wear allows any top record class bench presser to lift more heavier weights, around 200-420lbs more.

Marvel states that 800 lbs is the greatest amount of weight a human can lift overhead. Since Captain America is the peak-est of all human. Strength wise Captain America should be able to lift 800lbs. Just like all real life lifters, they can exceed their regular limits from time to time or in rare occasions with just sheer determination and will power. Captain America has no shortage of will power and determination, so there is no question the Cap can lift a little bit more than 800lbs or perhaps even reach a ton. Also there are no other human or peak human superheroes who could lift 800lbs and the real life record for lifting overhead is only around 500lbs. If around 500lbs is the real life record for overhead military lift, then super peak human heroes like Batman and Black Widow by default are at around 500-600lbs and may even can reach 650-700lbs in some rare instances with just pure max effort.

Wolverine is a mutant but with the help of his healing regeneration and adamantium bones he can lift above 800lbs.

Marvel classifies Black Widow as having peak human strength but obviously she is not as strong as Captain America or else Marvel should not have given emphasis on the super soldier serum or publish a comic where we see Cap raw bench pressing 1100lbs or else what is the point. Actually black widow can only lift up to 500lbs, and with rough estimates around 600-700lbs of bench press at 1-4 rep max. Black Widow can then be classified as having 40-60% peak human strength.

Super hero Iron Fist is also considered having a peak human strength. Iron Fist possesses the pinnacle physical strength of a human man of his particular age, height, and build that engages in intense regular exercise. Now, the difference there between Iron Fist and Captain America is that Iron Fist strength, although still in peak human strength standard is somehow limited to his age, height, and build where is Captain America is not.

The same goes for the Kingpin. The Kingpin possesses the peak human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise. The Kingpin is virtually as strong as it is possible for a man of his age, height, and weight to be without having superhuman strength. Captain America strength is not restricted by his age, height, or weight and yet he is still the peak-est of all human and that is because he took the super soldier serum.

One can also see it this way, right after being injected with the super soldier serum, we can compare Captain America to a man who was born with exceptional genes (real life gene), naturally healthy as well as physically gifted from the start, then lived 215 years (still at primed age) and performed extreme daily exercised and practiced daily healthy conditioning for the past 200 years. Kingping, Batman, Daredevil and Iron fist age, height, weight limitation (and other factors like natural health, need of sex, ego issues, natural gene levels, environment, negative emotions, stress, money, other hobbies, etc) restrict them from becoming 100% peak human. And that is what the super soldier serum is for, a shortcut to the next human evolution, the perfect human physical specimen regardless of age, height, weight, etc. Captain America is not limited by his age, height, weight, etc. No human can be both the strongest and fastest at the same time. One cannot be the strongest human if you are not big enough and you cannot be the fastest human if you are big as you will not be that light on your feet. Captain America and the super soldier serum defies the laws of human biology and this reason makes him not just peak human but beyond peak human.

In summary,

100% peak human strength, speed, agility, reflexes, durability, endurance, etc (Original Captain America, 1100lbs-1500lbs bench presser) > 70% peak human strength, speed, agility, etc (Black Panther's strength) > 40-60% peak human strength, speed (650-750lbs bench presser, world record breaker real life lifters, Batman's strength, Black Widow's strength, world fastest man ever Usain Bolt's speed, King Pin's strength, Batroc the Leaper's strength, etc) > 20-30% peak human strength/speed/etc (550lbs-650lbs bench presser, Top class Olympic weight lifters, Deadpool's strength, Daredevil's strength) > 1-10% peak human strength (Majority of Olympic Lifters and Olympic runners).

***PEAK HUMANS in terms of physical abilities are listed above, REGULAR HUMANS in terms of physical abilities are listed below****

Most top Athletes' strength (Elektra's strength, Hawkeye's strength, Cyclop's strength, Gambit's strength, some professional boxers and wrestlers, most football players, Veteran and seasoned weight lifters, etc.) > Athletes and fit humans, man who exercise regularly or goes to the gym at least three times a week, a man who does a lot of labor jobs > Ordinary Average Human, the majority of the population, man who plays basketball or runs once in awhile > Ordinary below average human's strength, a man who don't do much physical activities>Someone who just sits around the whole day, every day.

The real life world fastest man cannot be at the same time be the strongest man. Captain America can be both of that and more. This is the reason Captain America can be considered super human overall.


In conclusion Captain is 100% peak human and can be considered beyond peak human and borderline superhuman because he is still way ahead from the other range of other real life peak human standard. It's up to preference, he can be called peak human and also has some super human ability in him in some degrees. Captain America is semi-super human.

He is superior to any Olympic athletes past, present, and future. People may think he is as fast as the fastest top human athletes in real life, that is not correct, Captain America is way faster than any athletes that will ever compete even in the far future. In real life the athletes in the future can surpass any record breaking athletes that we have now, so Cap being the 100% peak of human physical potential he will still be greater than any record breaker in the future. That is the effect or the purpose of the super soldier serum anyway.

This is here is an important part. If one day a real life man or athlete can surpass or even reach the 800lbs power lift then Marvel will have to increase the peak human strength level of 800lbs as Captain America and his serum would not make sense that way because the original purpose of the serum when it was made in the comics is to create the perfect human specimen with peak strength, speed, agility, etc. that is far superior to any human athletes.

Also, ability to dodge bullets alone is a super-human quality. Captain America reflexes is borderline superhuman. He sees faster than bullet and his reaction time is 20kph which enable to dodge bullet at point blank range or against multiple gunners.

Captain America's Enhanced Strength.

There are 2 version of Captain America in the comics, Captain America (original) and Ultimate Captain America which is far more stronger and is super human.

Original Captain America has the strength of 10-12 regular or average fit men from carefully examined estimates. Original Cap said to have pre natural strength or beyond human level strength in some instances. A strength of 12 regular fit men is almost peaking on super human level strength.

Ultimate Captain America has the strength of 30-40 regular fit men which is on super human strength level.

Movie Captain America (2011 and beyond) maybe has the strength of 15-20 regular fit men which is on super human strength level as well.

Spider Man has the strength of around 70-80 regular fit men but Cap can still hold his own against spider man as its not only pure brute strength that matters in a fight and it is proven in the comics and even in real life many times.

Power Lift (lift over head / clean and jerk / power clean / military lift). If Marvel say that 800lbs is max limit for peak human then Original Cap is capable to lift 800lbs by default or perhaps even more. Why or How? Read further below. In another comic version, Ultimate Captain America which is the stronger version, he is capable to lift 3000-5000 pounds which is enough to lift a car, and this is superhuman level already. Nick Fury once stated that Cap can bench press a Toyota.

The real life record of lifting over the head is at 580lbs and the regular man (weighs at 177lbs and not a weight lifter) can only lift around 90lbs-120lbs above his head. An average man can lift 80lbs-120lbs so that is on par with Captain America strength of 10-12 men as he can lift 800lbs or even more. Captain America weights at only 200lbs and he is capable of lifting 800lbs or more. Ultimate Captain America version can lift 3000lbs or more, now that right there is super powered.

Is the original Captain America capable of lifting more than 800lbs or even 1000lbs or 1 ton over his head? Yes. Marvel state that peak human strength is at 800lbs. Now, time(seconds) is an important factor in lifting weights over head because it determine how long will you be able to hold a certain weight. One can lift a higher fixed number of weight but shortens the time he can lift it and vice versa. If one lift the heaviest weight he can only hold it in less time and if one lift the least weight he can hold it in a longer time. So if Cap is peak human and marvel states that 800lbs is peak human, then Cap can lift 800lbs over his head. Now the question how long can Cap hold still the 800bls of weight over his head? Let's assume the time of Cap lifting 800lbs is more than 1 second as 1 second would be too fast and can be considered a fluke and inconsistent to determine if one is really a 800lbs lifter. Also another 2-5 seconds isn't much of a stretch for a guy like Captain America who never gives up and has utmost will power and determination. So a good measuring of time, like in real life weight lifting competition, is around 3-5 seconds lifting 800lbs in which one can be officially considered having the peak(est) of human strength. If Cap can lift 800lbs in 5 seconds time then it's safe to say that he is capable to lift more than 800lbs in lesser time. Maybe 900lbs in 2 seconds of lifting time. This is the Captain we are talking about, with sheer determination and will power he can surely power lift and surpass the 800lbs peak human limit and even go for a ton or more. Even real life lifters from time to time surpass their record with just sheer determination and hard work, I don't see why Cap cannot do that. Captain America by default is at 800lbs but if he starts moving and adrenaline starts pumping in him, like a real person, can do things that are more than usual hence he should be able to pass 800lbs and may even push 1000lbs.

Is 810lbs considered super human strength? If yes, then Captain America can be considered having super human strength. An additional of 10lbs is possible to accomplished for top class power lifters specially if it is for the records. If 1000lbs is super human strength level, then Cap is still capable of reaching it if he can do 800lbs in 3-5 seconds. Maybe Captain America can lift 1000lbs in 0.4 sec lifting time and already at max effort but this of course would be in rarest instances. He is also said to have pre-natural strength twice in the comics, which means he is able to push through beyond human natural strength which should be above 800lbs.

If anyone is wondering Hulk can lift 100,000 pounds or more, even billion perhaps.

Captain America doing 1100lbs bench press with his superhero buddy who has super human strength doing it at 8500lbs.This is just Cap in training or practice lifting session and not for a personal best record!
Captain America doing 1100lbs bench press with his superhero buddy who has super human strength doing it at 8500lbs.This is just Cap in training or practice lifting session and not for a personal best record!

Captain America doing 1100lbs bench press with his superhero buddy who has super human strength doing it at 8500lbs.This is just Cap in training or practice lifting session and not for a personal best record!

Bench Press. In the comics original version Cap is seen bench pressing 1100lbs, surely that is with numbers of reps (6-10 reps?) and not 1-rep max as he was obviously doing it as a casual pressing exercise with a super human friend who bench press 8000lbs. Captain America and his super human friend was in the Avengers headquarters trainings and exercising. Captain America is not doing the 1100lbs for any human world record or competition, he was just simply training meaning he was actually doing it with some number of reps. He was obviously not pushing himself at max effort for a bench press personal record or else some people should be there witnessing it or the Captain America should have said something like, "I did 110lbs" to his super human buddy. Captain America was just simply doing weights with his buddy. The 1100lbs was just his preferred weight scale for every time he does bench press thus he is doing it with some reps for sure. Also, his friend Dennis aka the Demolition Man can lift up to 15000lbs, so that means he can bench press even up to 20,000lbs. But the Demolition Man only bench 8500lbs in that comic scene giving it an impression that both he and Captain America are just casually training and surely doing it with reps. We can conclude that Captain America was also casually bench pressing 1100lbs and not really the heaviest weight he can bench.

Now, the real life world record for raw bench press is around 722lbs (no bench shirt) pressing once or in just 1-rep max. Ryan Kenelly can bench press 1-rep max 1075lbs but with the help of a bench shirt which help boost bench lift performance by up to 30% so Ryan Kenelly record is easily discared here. Superheroes don't use bench shirt and stuff anyway. Bench shirt and other power support are modern stuffs and Captain America has been doing super weight lifting since the 1940's and he is only using his costume in that particular comic scene.

These real life power lifters doing their max bench press at 1-rep usually have a hard time doing it as you can see it in their faces and they also have assistant to support them. Cap does the 1100lbs bench press without any bench shirt or other support and he does this without much strain and effort as it is seem just part of his regular exercise routine (seen in the comics). Captain is just doing a regular pressing exercise and not to attempt to break any world record like how the real life power lifters do it at around 700lbs or more. With that, we can conclude that Captain America seen bench pressing 1100lbs is surely with number of reps and not just 1-rep max. Now if Cap will perform just a 1-rep record for himself, the hardest bench press he can in a 1-rep max, it's safe to say that he will be able to bench press more than 1,200lbs, and that would be around 1500lbs but that is of course in just 1-rep/press max. The average man has an average score in bench press of 150lbs in just 1-rep max. So the average joe doing bench press at 1-rep max is at 140-160lbs while Cap at 1-rep max is around 1500lbs, that is power right there and very consistent of him having the strength of 10-12 men.

Average Joe 150lbs < Real life record 700lbs (no bench shirt) < Captain America at 1500lbs, all at 1-rep max.

That is just the original Captain America. Ultimate Captain America on the other hand, is a 3000-4000 ton level lifter, so that would make him bench press above 5000lbs which is true when Nick Fury said Cap can bench press a Toyota car which is usually around 3500-4000 pounds.

Captain America with close to no effort grabs a man by his cloths and throw him several meters away (12 meters or more) at fast speed and with only one hand. He can also easily hold a grown man's feet/leg with one arm, swinging the man in circle in the air and then throwing him several meters ahead.

Captain America can lift Brock Lesnar, Shaquille O'Neal, and the Big Show sitting on a steel chair. In the Captain America first avenger movie he effortlessly lift 3 girls (around 290lbs combined) sitting in a big motorcycle (should be around 400-600lbs) for some time. He effortlessly grab/lift regular man (180lbs) and throws them 10-20ft in the air with ease. Movie version Captain America could be a 2000 plus pounds max lifter since he can lift around 700-800 pounds of weight (girls in motorcycle) with minimal effort and no signs of strain. We can conclude that movie Cap is stronger than original Cap but less strong than Ultimate Cap.

He can bend solid steel in the first avenger movie with just a few effort. Cap in the comics can casually break free from steel handcuff as well.

Captain America's Enhanced Speed, Agility, Reflexes, including jumping feats.

Captain America can jump without a running start 20 ft in the air. Ultimate Cap can jump 40ft in the air. The world record for highest jump in man's history without a running start is only 5ft which is far below from what Cap is capable of. NBA players can only jump like 3-4 ft in the air without a running start. The incredible Hulk can jump like 500 feet or more in the air so you see big difference there as well.

Captain America can leap 50 yards ahead in a single bound, that is a total of 45 meters of long jump/leap. The real life world record in long jump is at 8.95 meters. So that means that Captain America is 5x the leaper of the world record human leaper. Ultimate Captain America can leap or long jump 60 yards out in a single bound that is 90 meters long.

In the 2012 Avengers movie, you can see Cap jumping like 10 ft in the air to go to a 2nd level platform to get a gun, this is during the shield helicarrier attack scene where he faced a bunch of armed henchman.

Cap jumped over and cleared a 10ft (or more) fence to chase the evil guy escaping in his car in the 2011 Captain America the first avenger movie.

Captain America successfully cleared a long jump or leap which seem like 12-15 meters long in the Captain America first avenger movie factory scene after he rescued Bucky.

How fast is Captain America? How fast can Captain America run?

Chris Evan's Captain America running in the first avenger movie.
Chris Evan's Captain America running in the first avenger movie.

Original Captain America can run up to 30-49 miles per hour (mph). World class Olympic runner would start at 18 mph and above. The average human can only run at 10-13 mph. World fastest man ever average at 23-26 mph. In one Captain America comic issues, he was able to outrun giant birds who can run 50mph. Captain America is faster than a racing horse.

Ultimate Captain America can run up to 36 to 75 miles per hour. 75mph is already a car speed level in a no traffic highway. Ultimate Cap can beat the fastest animal runner, the cheetah.

The world fastest man Usain Bolt who competed in the Olympics has an average of 24 mph running speed. Usain Bolt fastest record is at 27.79 mph. Captain America fastest record would be at 55-60mph as he was able to outrun giant birds with running speed up to 50mph. Bolt is surely at peak human speed as well but is not on par with Captain America.

Captain America max or highest running speed 55-60mph > World fastest man max or highest running speed achieved is at 27.79 mph > Average man max running speed would be around 16 mph.

Captain America movie version could casually run 13 miles in 30 minutes time according to his buddy, the Falcon. Now, Cap was not even trying during that run/jog in the movie as he was not even sweating or exhausted. If Captain America was all serious he can easily double his speed and get a better time. By these estimates and if Captain America is serious and running full force he could do a 1 mile run in less than 2 minutes. The fastest 1 mile ever is 3:45 in real life history. 4 minutes per mile is standard for Olympic Athletes.

Average runner 30 minutes run = 3-4 miles total covered distance run. World real life record for 30 minutes run = around 8-9 miles total covered distance run. Captain America 30 minutes run = 16-20 miles total covered distance run.

13 miles per 30 minute as said in the movie was just a casual early morning jog for Cap and not for his own personal best record. There was not even a noticeable sign of exhaustion after his 30 minutes jog. If Cap is at his best he could do 16-20 miles in 30 minutes run.

World real life record 1 hour run = 13.2259 miles total covered distance run. Captain America 1 hour run = 32-40 miles total covered distance run. This is very consistent with Original comic book Cap with average running speed of 30-49 miles per hour (mph).

Captain America doesn't get tired like world class athletes, in fact the first sign of fatigue will hit Cap after 1 hr of maximum physical performance. Captain America can perform max running performance for 1 hour no problem. So his 1hr running score is just more or less doubled of his 30 minutes score.

The important thing is that Captain America can run for a way longer time and be still at top speed compared to Bolt or any other human as the Captain doesn't easily get tired. Captain America can just go running in his daily life and never need of a land transportation if he wants to.

Quicksilver a marvel superhero speedster who has enhanced super human speed can run at 770 mph or more. He is faster than the fastest car which is around 250mph. No contest. One of the fastest runners in marvels. He is not human though but a mutant.

Captain America was able to chase a medium speed accelerated car just by running and jumping on other cars in the first avenger movie. Captain America was able to chase a mini submarine in the movie, this shows that Captain America is also a very fast swimmer. Actually he is aslo the fastest human swimmer there ever will be.

Captain America can dodge bullets. Captain America has said it himself in the comics, that he can see faster than bullets hence he is able to dodge bullets fired even at point blank range or against from multiple gunners. This is because Captain reflexes is at 20kph in which make it possible for him to anticipate and deal with incoming on the spot threats. He fought during the world war where he should be constantly bombarded by bullets and explosions regularly. Spider Man however has greater reflexes but the Captain reflexes is also good enough.

Nice moves CAP!
Nice moves CAP!

Captain America dodging gunfire simulation without using the shield. Shows his reflexes and agility. Just pure dodging without blocking. He got a slight hit though.


Captain America dodges bullet fires by default, believe it son.

Enhanced Durability / Endurance / Stamina:

Steve Rogers super soldier serum allows him to exert himself at peak capacity or performance for hours without any rest. The super soldier serum eliminates fatigue producing chemicals in Captain America's body giving him phenomenal endurance. Captain America can perform at max effort consistently for 1 hour without any rest before the very first sign of fatigue kicks in. A regular fit human will be tired in just 10 minutes of max effort physical performance. This is the reason why there are rounds, timeouts, breaks in a boxing match and other sports. Ultimate Captain America will be able to exert himself at max effort for several hours (3-4hrs) without any rest before the first sign fatigue toxins comes in. Captain America only needs around 5-7hrs of sleep every week.

Captain America is very durable compare to a normal human. He's durability is to the highest of human potential. If he falls several stories and land his body on cement ground he will show just little discomfort. No injuries, no broken legs, etc. Captain America can withstand the impact of a car speeding at 65mph with just a minor sore body. If you hit Captain America in the body with a thick wooden stick full force it will break easily and Cap will only feel a slight pain. Captain America can also withstand massive explosions which can kill any human on the spot. This is one of the reason he survived during world war and other wars throughout his career. Captain America can take hits by the likes of spider man or even the Hulk who have super strength that can kill a human being easily.

Also Captain America is a character who never gives up no matter the odds. This attitude gives him some extra endurance, durability and stamina when pure physical attributes is not enough.

Enhanced Human Healing:

Captain America heals faster than any human. The super soldier serum grants him increased healthy cells and extensive regeneration of healthy cells. The super soldier serum inside his body fights off any harmful things inside his body keeping him healthy and immune to most if not all diseases and infections. Captain America is also immune to any drugs, alcohols, air impurities, poisons, gas attacks, etc. Captain America might never become ill in his life.

Bullet wound heal within a day while a knife puncture wound will heal in just minutes all without medical assistance. Broken bones (like neck) will heal in 2-3 weeks where in real life broken neck needs 3 or more months of rehab to heal completely.

Expert all terrain Acrobatics:

Captain America is a master gymnast and aerial acrobats. Combined that with his superior human strength, agility, reflexes, and speed he is capable of performing extraordinary acrobatic feats that no human will be able to accomplish.

Captain America always uses his acrobatics skills in battles when the environments present itself.

Captain America is like a steroid monkey doing acrobats.

Superior fighting ability. Superior hand to hand combat fighting skills:

According to Captain America himself, strength alone doesn't make a good fighter.

This is where Captain America excel the most. Captain America is one of the best if not the best hand to hand combatant in the marvel universe. In marvel official ranking Captain America has a fighting score of 6 out of 7. Super strong Hulk has 3-4 out of 7 fighting skill level. Captain America may lack super human strength/speed/etc but he balance this in his battle by being the superior skilled hand to hand fighter.

This is the main reason the super soldier Captain America can hold his own against super powered villain and against fellow superheroes likes spider-man, wolverine, iron-man, and other over-powered super heroes like the Hulk. Captain America may not win against some of the super-powered villains or heroes but he can surely put a good fight before going down.

Fighting against stronger opponents was never an issue for Captain America. In one comic issue while under attack by 3 enemies who are all stronger than him, he thought of his opponents as being stronger than him but he also thought "but when was that ever made a difference", then proceed to kicking butt.

In most cases, Captain America is handicapped in strength level against super-human enemies who is 10% to 100% stronger than him. But he's fighting skills and determination alone will allow him to put a good fight and together with his shield he can even win most battles against stronger opponents.

He has fought spider-man and has even come out on top but more or less their fights is decided in a draw. He has fought the incredible Hulk as well who is 100 times more stronger than him. Captain America has knock out the hulk for awhile with just pure fighting skills. Captain America though will never win in the end in a fair fight against super powerful beings like the Hulk because of the vast strength difference.

In real life the world strongest man doesn't always means he can win hand to hand fights. Actually the world's best fighter (not necessary very strong) can beat the world strongest man in a fight. The World strongest man excels at lifting weights and world's best fighters excel at fighting and putting people down. World's strongest man would rely on brute strength alone while the world's best fighter will rely mostly on technique and skills in fighting. Now if the world's strongest man will train in fighting as well, then that right there is a different story. The world strongest man don't have peak human speed, reflexes, agility, etc and that what makes Captain America different as he posses not only peak human strength but also peak human speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, etc.

Technique, skills, courage, will power, intelligence , confidence, time, weapons, environment, magic, and even luck are also factors to make one able to win fights not just brute strength or super human speed.

Strength is not everything but it is still a huge major advantage though. That's why the Hulk still smash.

Whoopin! Beast Ass!
Whoopin! Beast Ass!

Captain America beating the mutant beast who posses super human strength and speed. The Beast is a 5-10 tonner superhero hence around 7 times stronger than Original Captain America. Captain America superior melee fighting skills and his shield make him win the fight even though Beast himself is a great hand to hand fighter as well. Captain America even coaches the beast in gymnastic.

Take that Spider-Wuss!
Take that Spider-Wuss!

Captain America versus Spider Man. Both are expert in fighting styles and techniques but on this battle the Captain is the one doing some damage.

In fighting, technique and skills is just as important as having great strength, speed, etc. Those who are less skilled fighter will just engage willingly without any tactics and will completely depend on what advantage they have like brute strength or speed or firepower. Captain America is one of the most skilled hand to hand fighter in marvel rooster and mostly rely on his skills and techniques like finding weak points of enemies, anticipating enemies movements, know the strength and weakness of enemies, take advantage of surrounding, attacking where the enemy least expect it, take advantage of enemies arrogance, dodging attacks, wait for the enemy to make a mistake and taking advantage on it, and so on. This is why Captain America is able to fight stronger opponents like the Rhino, US Agent, Colossus, Carnage, Spider Man, the Beast, Master Man, Iron man, and the Hulk. Captain America can hold his own against the likes of Spider Man and Iron Man. Captain America has fought the Hulk and is able to stun the Hulk with his attack although Cap eventually will never win. Captain America also has knocked out Wolverine in a fight.

Captain America beats more powerful opponents than him not by brute force but by superior fighting techniques, strategies, and skills.

Striking strength or striking power. Striking skills or striking Technique:

Captain America hits hard even against enemies with super human strength. Captain America physical attacks are beyond the limits of his natural peak strength because he is a master of combat fighting like a boxer or a martial artist who hits harder even compared to people natural stronger than them.

From the comics, "Captain America's mighty arm smashes an enemy with jackhammer force." Yes, Captain's arm, hand and fists is that tough. He's fists, feet, elbows, etc, are completely hardened from all the fights he encountered. Combined his striking powers / strength and his striking techniques and skills, he is capable of creating enough power in his punches or kicks that can even stun or hurt super strong individuals like the Hulk.

If we compared two world strongest man with the same strength level, the one who do lots of physical combat fighting like boxing or martial will deal more significant physical damage compared to the other one. Captain America has fought countless physical battles throughout his career and he's fights are not even comparable to boxing match and martial arts competition. He is fighting countless henchman regularly, strength augmented soldiers, robots, aliens, monsters and even super human opponents with superior strength and durability. Captain America strike (punch, kick) power or strength levels is beyond to what he's natural strength is capable of because his body (fist, feet, elbows) are harder than usual and because he has superior hand to hand combat fighting skills, all gained from his countless fight experiences.

Iron Man, Hulk and other who has super human strength has superior striking strength and striking power but they also lack striking skills and techniques. Captain America is one of the best hand to hand combatant of earth and has no lack in fighting techniques.

Boxers, fighters, and martial artist have the natural ability to deal more damage in their punches compared to other athletes, like basketball players, football players, and even weight lifters even though these said athletes could be physically stronger than them. Fighters train their fist, kicks, elbows, and knees to deal significant damage to opponents regardless of their strength level. This is why fighters packs a lot of punch by default compared to other athletes who train differently. Of course fighters needs sufficient strength to support their striking ability. Weight lifters has a higher strength level compared to fighters. Striking ability just like raw strength is important in a hand to hand battle.

Striking Strength/power is not the same thing as raw lifting strength. Yes raw strength gives you power in your striking but that is not all there is to it. A fighter has a hardened fist and feet which stings when it hits. Also fighters have techniques and skills on how they strike to deal more damage, they don't just swing wildly everywhere. Raw lifter has overall strong muscle strength all over their bodies while a fighter has most of his strong strength on his hands, elbows, feet, and knees all use for striking. A weight lifter can still have a stronger striking strength than a boxer and vice versa, it still depends on other factors. The point is just to show that striking power and raw strength power is still different. This is how Captain America is like, he it outclassed in strength against enemies with super human strength yet he is able to defeat them by just punches of his own. This has lot to do with Captain America striking power and striking skill and techniques, he is one of the finest martial artist in the world after all. Martial Artist concentrate mostly on their striking, punches and kicks and not lifting heavy things. Yes, the Hulk and other who have super human strength has superior striking power and they don't need to train for it but they also lack striking skills and techniques. For Captain America, to be able to at least hurt super human enemies he has to train both his striking power and skills. Captain America needs to time his strikes and has to hit enemies at their weak points such as the head, ribs, chin, neck, and so on or where enemy is caught unaware of. This is one of Captain America's powers, his superior striking ability, skills, and techniques. Captain America may lack raw striking power but he is superior in striking techniques and skills.

Just imagine if the Hulk, Iron Man, or even Super man himself became a master martial artist as well. The damage they would do in hand to hand combat would be insane. Raw strike power plus superior strike techniques and skills is the perfect combination. Yes, one may say they don't need martial arts etc because they are very strong anyway, true, but they will be twice more powerful if they did know martial arts.

Compare the world strongest man and a champion boxer. Who would win? Which one packs more power in their punches? Answer is that it still depends on many factors and fight will not be predictable.

A boxer vs a weight lifter who is stronger but both has the same weight. Who do you think will win in a fight? Majority would say that the boxer because he is skilled in fighting while the lifter of the same weight is just stronger than him but has no fighting skills. The boxer throws power punches naturally as well as he is more trained for that.

Spider-man is stronger than Captain America but it doesn't mean Captain America's punches will not hurt spider-man as shown here. Being a martial arts master and expert hand to hand combatant increases your punching power as well and it is not limited by raw natural strength alone. Spider-Man even acknowledge Captain America's punch in the scene above by questioning his gloves of having a pint sized atomic bombs.
Spider-man is stronger than Captain America but it doesn't mean Captain America's punches will not hurt spider-man as shown here. Being a martial arts master and expert hand to hand combatant increases your punching power as well and it is not limited by raw natural strength alone. Spider-Man even acknowledge Captain America's punch in the scene above by questioning his gloves of having a pint sized atomic bombs.

Captain America would be like the boxer, who is a master of the art of power punching or striking and this is the reason he can stun super-human opponents like Spider-man and even the Hulk.

Captain America depends on his actual striking skills and techniques since he is outmatched by pure strength alone against most enemies with super human strength. This super strength opponents don't really need to master any striking techniques as they already have super strength and their punches, if it connects will automatically deal devastating damage. The question is, can they connect or make a hit since they lack fighting skills and striking techniques specially if they are up against a skilled hand to hand fighter like Captain America. Super strength enemies usually just go berserk and all rage and just throw punches everywhere whenever they like as long as they hit the enemies it will be over, this is how the Hulk or enemies like the Rhino or Juggernaut fights. In real life, someone who punches wildly will still hit hard but a martial artist who is calm and precise with his strike will deal more effective damage. Not saying that Captain America will beat the Hulk or the Juggernaut in straight hand to hand combat, but this topic just proves how the Captain can hold his own against opponents with super human strength but lacks striking techniques. This may sound corny, but the number one factor as well is that one's own belief in their hands, that one can knock out an opponent no matter how big the difference is. It happens in real life, like most underdog story. And Captain America has always been an underdog going up against much stronger opponents but with just pure believe in his abilities and striking skills allows him to win battles.

Strength isn't everything that determines striking power. There's also timing, leverage, speed, and pressure point in effective striking.

Unparalleled confidence, will power, courage, fighting spirit, belief, and perseverance:

"In a fight for life, Captain America is not an ordinary man. He's muscles become things of steel."

Captain America has no short of fighting spirit and fear has no control of him and this is the number one reason he goes battling against all odds. Captain America is always vulnerable against attack as he is not durable as other super heroes and don't have heavy armors to protect him. Captain America fights with his belief, courage, confidence, and fighting spirit.

"No matter what inhuman powers you may possess.. No mere human replica can ever have.. A FIGHTING SPIRIT!" Captain America said to a stronger android robot he is battling against.

Captain America commands respect.

This is the main reason also why he is the leader of the Avengers and one of the leaders of the SHIELD and the US army.

Captain America grappling match with spider man who is significantly stronger than him. How is this possible? Perhaps it is just out of pure will power and determination against the odds? Yes. Captain America may not win in the end in this grappling match but it just shows Captain America's strength and confidence.
Captain America grappling match with spider man who is significantly stronger than him. How is this possible? Perhaps it is just out of pure will power and determination against the odds? Yes. Captain America may not win in the end in this grappling match but it just shows Captain America's strength and confidence.

The Shield:

Captain America's shield is both his main weapon and defense. It is one of the strongest and most durable thing in marvel universe. Captain America is a master of using the shield. He is able to throw the shield with great accuracy to hit targets. He is also able to throw it against something or someone and boomerang it back to him.

The shield gives him the edge or chance to win fights. Captain America is 3 times more deadly when he is using the shield.

In most cases, the shield enables him to win the hardest of battles which requires more than just fighting skills and will power to overcome.

The shield is also Captain America's main protection. He is a master at blocking attacks using his shield. Captain America uses the shield to tank against powerful attacks such as high caliber bullets, laser beams, explosions, and punches and kicks against super-human powered enemies.

The shield helps Captain America routinely battle super-human foes.

The image above shows Captain America's perfect accuracy of shield throwing. The Shield is so durable indeed that it easily cuts through the helicopters steel. If Cap has no morals and blood lusted he can easily throw the shield and cut his enemies head's off.

Captain America throws his shield on a truck.Now I know my grammar sucks but I know all of you are not here for grammar right? so what do you movie pilots think of Captain America's abilities? sound off on the comments below please!
Captain America throws his shield on a truck.Now I know my grammar sucks but I know all of you are not here for grammar right? so what do you movie pilots think of Captain America's abilities? sound off on the comments below please!

Now I know my grammar sucks but I'm sure we are not here for the grammatical errors right? what do you guys think about Captain America's abilities? how about the article? any thoughts please comment on the comments below.


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