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There is absolutely nothing better than good old sentimentality, don't you agree. That's why I maybe got a bit too excited after seeing the trailer for the live action Paddington bear movie. It's actually happening everyone.

I think before I start discussing Paddington, I think it would be bet to let you see the trailer in all it's nostalgic glory, before we go on...

Did you enjoy that? Looks great doesn't it? Well, it has a certain audience.

The film states that it is about a young explorer going to a 'strange new land'. Obviously, if you know anything of Paddington and his work (As though this fictional bear is actually a real, serious actor who has 'work' and 'projects') you will know that this strange place is London. A perfect location for a small bear.

One expectation I have for the film when it is released on November 28th 2014 is that it will be VERY British. In the sense that if you do not get pure British humor , you probably won't get as much enjoyment from this film as those who do appreciate cartoon slapstick like that shown in the trailer.

Personally I expect to enjoy a computer animated bear causing hilarious and costly damage to real physical places in London. Don't ask me why, maybe it is to do with maturity.

screenshot from 'Paddington' YOUTUBE trailer.
screenshot from 'Paddington' YOUTUBE trailer.

Just from the trailer it is clear to see this is full of innocent, child friendly humor that both adult and child can appreciate. Whatever this film in it's entirety provides, I'm confident it will be both entertaining and wholly nostalgic. That, alone, makes me happy.

The Adventure Begins Christmas 2014.


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