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DC now officially has its first live action shared universe. Both Arrow and The Flash premiered this week and already things are getting real. Just like to say there will be spoilers in this article regarding mainly the Arrow season premier.

The Flash

I'll start with The Flash as this is one of the new shows just kicking off. For me, I enjoyed the pilot however it wasn't the kind of episode that would get me hooked to the show. Not like the Gotham pilot, as for me that was winner for best start to a comic book TV series. But then I practically already know The Flash is gonna get much better. The trailer for the next episode looks amazing, and with the upcoming villains I can't understand why it wouldn't get better. From the pilot we once again saw how Barry got his powers and with that a bit more of his background. As well as that we got to see his first foe which I was a little disappointed he got shot at the end as he could have reoccurred more across the season. But then saying that we got lots more of the Flash's rogues to come. In fact Im a little worried they might be bringing in too many of his foes so soon. But then saying that they have got over twenty episodes to fill and I am really pumped to see some of the villains. We should be seeing Captain Cold in the next episode and I have to say Im really liking the look of Wentworth Miller in costume. Yeah it may not exactly look like the costume from the comics but it looks cool enough to me. We also got Mirror Master, Heatwave and (the one Im most looking forward to) Reverse Flash, or Professor Zoom. Recent set pictures have come to surface showing the Flash and Zoom battling it out and thats something I really can't wait for. Also with the ending of the pilot leading to believe a 'Crisis' event could be on its way the excitement I have for this show has increased. Could we be seeing a 'Flashpoint paradox' story arc or maybe even a 'Crisis on Infinite Earths'. But then talking about all the villains and threats to come we also have another hero based character on the way. Here I would be referring to Firestorm which should be something else to look forward too. And with the CW wanting to get another DC Comics based TV series going I think Firestorm could be the way to go.

Flash vs Zoom
Flash vs Zoom


Anyway moving on from The Flash, lets get down to Arrow. A good start to the third season I have to say, though the ending was a little shocking. I'll get onto that in a bit. So from this first episode things have changed since the end of season two. Crime has dropped, the Arrow has been excepted as a hero to the city of Starling. Diggle has become a father and Oliver takes Felicity to dinner. Things seem to be going so well until a new guy shows up claiming to be the next Vertigo. After this Oliver is faced with the fact that living with two life's is gonna bring consequences. Another new guy Ray Palmer has also showed up and has put a bid on Oliver's company. Ray Palmer is known from the comics as becoming the Atom however don't expect to see this happen anytime soon in the series at the moment. Though enough of that the main thing I have to talk about is the ending with (major spoiler) Sara's death. Now if Im gonna be quite honest, it was too sudden for me. She comes back like half way through the episode, showing up for only a couple of minutes and then BANG, she's dead. Canary being killed wasn't a problem but they could have at least kept her in for a couple of episode. If not that they could have had more of her in the first episode rather than just seeing her return for a few minutes and straight away killed. I could see her character being killed off but just not that soon. Now that she's dead though the question is who killed her and is this where the League of Assassins will start to make their appearances. Can't wait to see Ras al Ghul and will Laurel become the next Canary in this season. Hopefully we'll get to see the real Black Canary with her sonic scream powers. Oh and one more thing, Roy's costume is awesome however his character was a little quiet in this episode. Hopefully we'll hear more of his voice on later episodes.

All in all both seasons got good starts and the crossover between Arrow and Flash coming around mid-season should be great. Starting in The Flash season with 'Flash vs Arrow' then going over to the Arrow season with part two 'The Brave and the Bold', this should be one awesome crossover.


After the season premiers what show are you most excited about?


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