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Hey guys!

So we've all seen the Flash pilot episode that was leaked a couple of months ago, and anyone who's a true [The Flash](movie:15273) fan noticed the Gorilla Grodd easter egg. This was definitely my favorite easter egg in the episode since Gorilla Grodd is one of the coolest villains Flash has.

Gorilla Grodd easter egg from the pilot leak
Gorilla Grodd easter egg from the pilot leak

Now, we probably won't get to see a full on Gorilla Grodd in season 1, maybe not even in season 2. But eventually we are bound to see Flash go against his greatest foe. And when he does he will probably mean a lot of trouble for The Flash, and he's probably going to need some help from "Team Flash".

Firestorm has been confirmed to appear in The Flash, and will probably join "Team Flash" at one point or another. I definitely think we're going to see Kid Flash join at some point. Who else do you think is going to join "Team Flash" at some point? Let me know in the comments below!


So do you agree with what i had to say? Will we see Gorilla Grodd in the coming seasons?


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