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John Gardon ( Ward Horton ) gifts his Pregnant Wife Mia Gardon ( Annabelle Wallis ) a doll named Annabelle unaware of the fact that the doll is possessed.


Ward Horton as John Gardon - His character is poorly sketched and Ward Horton's mediocre acting skills couldn't help anyway , Fails to do justice to the strong supporting character.

Annabelle Wallis as Mia George - Perhaps she is the most important character in the film next to the possessed Annabelle doll , and Annabelle Wallis's performance lies somewhere between okay and good.

Alfre Woodard as Evelyn - Alfree Woodard is an amazing actress , But with her reduced screen space and lack of development in her character , she has been completed wasted.

Tony Amendola as Father Perez - He was present for most of the important scenes , but his role is cut shot suddenly and why would that happen , its hard to say but its another forgettable role and performance.


Cinematography - James Kniest's camera work is the saving grace of the film , his shots are not much different but it would kinda remind us of scenes in the Classic Evil Dead , where demons would pop out of now where and there is chaos all over the screen , the camera angle shifts perfectly to give some spine chilling moments that lasts for sometime.

Editing - The film's running length is less than 100 minutes and its okay.

Music Direction - Joseph Bishara's score in conjuring is one to be remembered for a long time , but here except for a few over the top loud tunes , there is nothing else to praise.

Writing - Gary Dauberman's script lacks character development and the scenes are often too long and sometimes way too short , Its messed up.

Direction - John R Leonetti better restrict himself to cinematography alone hereafter , this is his 3rd consecutive forgettable directional , Perhaps he doesn't have what it takes to be director.

Thumbs up:-


Sound mixing helps the film to some extent.

Thumbs down:-

Lack of Character development


The Entire script

and almost everything else that is not mentioned in Thumbs up.

The Final Word : Annabelle relies too much on repetitive over the top horror scenes and in turn fails in everything else. [Annabelle](movie:1217914) is watchable for a few scary moments and there is nothing else worthy.


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