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A topic that most interests me lately is the justice league that is set to assemble in a couple years. We know that aquaman and wonderwoman will be introduced in this movie but I am personally more interested at the possibility of a bigger more complete justice league. With the immediate success of the arrow and the flash, the possibility of bringing those storylines and characters into the justice league has to be a possibility. The flash and arrow both already share a universe so it would be easy to bring both of them at the same time. Another show Gotham, is hinting at sharing the same universe with both of those shows which means this could be a major timeline and origin story for the batman we will be seeing played by Ben affleck in batman vs superman. Going into the batman vs superman movie, batmans past is going to have to be solidified and explain early in the movie and Gotham could answer a lot of those questions if they do it right. With Gotham setting to skip Bruce's playboy stage they could make batman alittle darker and edgier like he is the dark knight returns, even though in that Bruce is darker and edgier due to years of fighting scum. Ben affleck could easily drop in on an episode of either arrow or the flash and send them the justice league invite much like nick fury did in ironman 2 or in the end of the 2008 hulk film. Dc could use Gotham, arrow, flash and batman vs superman to cement all their characters into the justice league much like the avengers did. The difference is dc has current heroes on tv series so the justice league assemblyncpuld be even bigger than the avengers. As for green lantern, he could easily get a film in between batman vs superman or introduce him in a side film or justice league movie itself and all of a sudden you have a badass justice league assembled, and ready to last.


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