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I'm addicted to Hugh Jackman and his movies. Especially Wolverine is my favourite . I'm also like watching Sci-fi movies
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We all know how it ended. And to be honest All I can say is that I did not like it at all after all these years they killed Bill Compton ! (OMG)

I was in a shock after the final episode ..

What do you guys think about that finale scene ? If I were in her shoes I would have saved Bill no matter what , I mean become a vampire would definitely stop him doing that ( Maybe )

Well here is my Alternative ending for Sookie stackhouse and True Blood

Bill was completely in love with our lovely Fairy Sookie , And I really love when he says ''sokiee' in his sexy way ( LOL)

I would rather him to give his precious blood and turn Sookie into a vampire , she would be great vampire and a fairy at the same time .

You see that's so hot , and way better how bella looked when she was a vampire.

Anyway Let's talk about something else

My lovely JESSICA , she ended up with Hoyt ? No way jason and jessica way better

as you can clearly see !

I Can't still believe that he ended up just an ordinary girl and had children , He could be a vampire too ? uh ..

I'm going to miss all the fun and Bill compton so much ! By the way I've watched season finale when it ended but I was not able to write anything about it , I am learning be a Moviepilot user :)

You know ..

Uh .. I FORGOT something ...

here he is , I don't think there is a ending for him , I always loved Bill , I don't know the reason but I did not like when sookie and Eric were together ..

I'm gonna miss them too

so here is my alternative ending for main characters , There is so much to say I know but I'm not able to write all of it right know I hope you guys enjoy this

take care


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