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The Houses October Built tells the story of a group of friends that decide to visit haunted houses all across the country leading up to Halloween. Throughout the documentation of their trip, they realize that something evil has followed them home. The film was produced by Steven Schneider who also produced the blockbuster hits of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and INSIDIOUS.

The Houses October Built probably makes the best use of the found footage format I've seen in a movie. More than just a way to cut cost and make a make a cheap movie like so many film makers are doing. This movie fits perfectly with the POV format and is actually a better film for doing it as the audience is truly allowed to share the experience with those on screen. We are taken on a journey through some of the scariest Haunts out there on a trip that only gets more horrifying as it continues. And make no mistake, some of the Haunts featured in this movie are terrifying, and it's been awhile since I've seen a new film that was so tense.

A huge problem with found footage style movies is that they tend to be...well, boring as hell, with not much going on at all until the final moments of the film. The Houses October Built in no way suffers from this issue. The film is extremely entertaining throughout, whether it's from the the awesome first person experience of the Haunts or all the creepy stuff happening outside of them as our cast starts to realize that their search for the most extreme haunted house might be more than just some seasonal fun. The movie also just oozes Halloween atmosphere, which is awesome, i can't get enough Halloween in my life and i know a lot of you reading this probably feel the same way. The Houses October Built should end up as one of the classic Halloween watches. There are so many great characters and moods that culminate in a great way. It's also one of the few found footage films to genuinely contain real footage. Make sure you check this out, and i dare you to watch it before you visit a haunted attraction!

If your interested you can go HERE and read the interview i did with Bobby Roe and Zack Andrews who created the film.

And HERE you can check out an awesome map they made showing the Haunts that were used in the film as well as some of the other most notable Haunts across the U.S.

The Houses October Built is available now in Theaters, VOD and Itunes.

Enjoy the trailer for now!