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I read [Jose Salas](user:2109925) article about [The Avengers 3](movie:738027) and yes, everything is point towards the Infinity Gauntlet storyline. The evidence is everywhere and the Infinity Gauntlet story will work great on the big screen. Let's assume it does happen. I won't go into detail on what the Infinity Gauntlet story is here, so make sure to read Jose's article if you want to learn more.

The important question for me is, which characters should be in the movie. Given the original story, the main characters are Thanos, The Silver Surfer, Drax - the Destroyer, Dr. Strange, and Adam Warlock, with cameos from almost everyone from Spider-Man to Thor to Dr. Doom. However, not part of the original story are beloved characters like Iron Man, Rocket Racoon, or Wolverine*.

Given that the current MCU is divided between three companies (Marvel/Disney, Sony, Fox), the story will most probably not happen as in the book. The Avengers and the Guardians are both building up to the Gauntlet, so it's fair to assume that Disney is going to produce the movie. Let's see what our options are.


Well, Thanos is the main villain in the storyline (or is he?). Marvel is doing a good job introducing him in the Avengers and in the Guardians. So check on him, no uncertainty.

The Silver Surfer

In the Infinity Gauntlet story itself, but even more in the stories preparing the actual storyline, the Silver Surfer is the protagonist. He is bound to the Fantastic Four characters and therefore belongs to Fox. Also, the Watcher, Galactus and all the other FF galactic friends and foes have quite an impact on the story. It's interesting to see how they change the final confrontation, if Galactus and others are not part of it. Concerning the Surfer, I guess you can replace him and merge his role with the second most important protagonist - Adam Warlock. This merged role could be played well by either Iron Man or Peter Quill.


Do we need the Silver Surfer for the Infinity Gauntlet?

Adam Warlock

Where to start. Maybe with the statement. I don't like Adam Warlock. Wait, lets make this statement bigger.

That's better. So for me, the Gauntlet was a really well written story. Probably one of the best in my collection, even though it does feel a little like some pubescent dream of absolute power. Anyway, I enjoyed the storyline to the point, where Adam Warlock took over as the main protagonist. The whole concept of that character is unclear to me. So I'd be very glad if Marvel would drop him from the Gauntlet. But what do you think?


Do we need Adam Warlock for the Infinity Gauntlet?

Drax, the Destroyer

Drax is well established in the Guardians. Dave Bautista did a good job on portraying Drax, I guess there's no risk that Dave would give up the role anytime soon. So check on Drax.

Dr. Strange

It's pretty sure, that there will be a [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) movie long before Avengers 3. I hope there's enough time to setup the character, before throwing him into the galactic MCU. I'd rather see an earthbound Dr. Strange, than a cosmic one. But both versions would work for me. In the Gauntlet, Dr. Strange helped to rally the troops and to assist Adam Warlock. Frankly, I guess the story can work without Stephen Strange.


Do we need Doctor Strange for the Infinity Gauntlet?

So who should be in it?

Giving the possibility that some characters cannot be in the Infinity Gauntlet movie, who should be in it to fill the gaps? Here's a list of characters from the MCU that might play a role from my point of view. Let me know who should play a vital role in it!**


Who should be a main character in the Infinity Gauntlet?

*) Well, technically Iron Man and Wolverine are in the comic - probably 5 panels each, probably a little more. But definitely not relevant for the story.

**) I'll only list characters from Disney/Marvel. I guess a Professor X would also fit well. But as we know it's very unlikely to see him.


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