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This movie was so much better than I expected. When I went into the theater, I was half expecting what we have become accustomed to in regards to vampire movies as of late. I mean we've got Blade, which is your typical action, 'let's kill all the bad guys, and we have one main hero,' kind of flick.

And we've got Underworld, where the vampires are at war with the werewolves. And again, your typical action flick, lots of shooting, and slicing and dicing.

And 30 Days of Night, which was, to me, a 'lets see just how bloody of a vampire movie we can make' kind of deal.

These, along with a whole slew of others that were relatively cheesy and predictable, kind of made the genre for me. Don't get me wrong, the action and one liners were awesome, the special effects were great, but the story wasn't that good. But we haven't really had any origin stories about Dracula or vampires in general.

Then there's Dracula: Untold. The story of how Vlad The Impaler became Dracula. This isn't your typical "Vlad sold his soul to the devil" movie. There's a large back story that honestly needs to be heard.

Luke Evans (above) plays Vlad the Impaler. The ruler of Transylvania, who is trying to protect his family and his kingdom. Which is made difficult by Dominic Cooper (below).

The story doesn't unfold quite the way you think it would. And best of all they left it open for a sequel. The graphics are wonderful. I definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good vampire movie and is ready to break away from what has become the "norm" for vampire movies and see the beginning of where vampires originated and why it is they exist.

If you haven't seen it then check out the trailer below and get yourselves to a cinema.


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