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It's finally back: the Month of Spooky Shit, new for 2014! To celebrate, the Jasons tackle one of horror cinema's most famous faces - Freddy Krueger - by discussing A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) and its 2010 remake! They discuss the odd storytelling of these two films (and the potential in the series), the quality of special effects, whether Wes Craven lost his nerve, whether that lost nerve benefited the original or not, the remake and rubbing your face in it, how the remake fails to be fun, Jackie Earle Haley vs Robert Englund, and more!

Finally! FINALLY! My favorite time of year, both in real life and for this podcast! I had hoped to do this episode for the last M.O.S.S., but it feels appropriate to start off this year with Freddy!

WARNING: This is an episode that deals with some pretty heavy themes (rape, sexual violence, trauma, etc.). We’re mature adults about the whole thing, and it’s a fair thing for art to include these themes and to be tackled in a critical manner. But, if this is not for you, then please come back next week, when we’ll have something a bit lighter.

Jason Squared Podcast #87

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