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I'm so tall I can see the future!!!!!!!!
Ricardo Rohr

Sure, we all know our favorite Disney characters inside out, but what would happen if we dragged them out of their fantasy world?

Ariel's physically impossible 20" waist would make her an Instagram celebrity that had the potential to knock the 'belfie' queen right off her squishy, buttock throne, and the Evil Queen wouldn't need a mere mirror to judge the value of her beauty...

The supremely talented Simona Bonafini, a graphic designer based in Milan, Italy has created a series of images about what would happen if Disney met Instagram, and the results are pretty awesome.

So, come dive down the rabbit hole with me and check out your favorite Disney characters jumping aboard the selfie craze.

Seafaring Selfie Queen

Ariel might be 16, but that doesn't stop the kids on Instagram these days does it? Extra points for that tech savvy hashtag mastery!


Big 'Ole Hunk of Hercules

Sure Hercules was always proud of his abs, but an indulgence workout selfie is a whole new level. At least Meg's impressed!


Socialite in Wonderland

You're not fooling anyone Alice, we all know there's gin in those tea cups!



Could the flying photobomb be the next internet craze to sweep the interwebs?


Selfie Shaming

Why use a magic mirror when the general public can tell you who's the foxiest of them all?


Which Disney character do you want to photobomb?

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