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Here and there you'll come across someone who says something like '' Dude, I know everything about Michael Myers '' and then goes on to explain how he wears a hockey mask, wields a chainsaw, and invades peoples dreams on Halloween night, crazy right? Anyways I'm putting anyone who thinks they know absolutely everything about their favorite Slasher villains to the test with this incredibly hard trivia.

Beware of Spoilers, and proceed at your own risk!.


What Is The Middle Name Of Michael Myers?


What Was Angela Bakers Name As A Young Boy?


Pinhead Was Going To Make A Guest Appearance At The End Of Which Horror Flick?


Jason's First Onscreen Weapon Was What?


Freddy Krueger Said He Loves What Type Of Food?


Chucky Was Once A Man Named What?


Michael Myers Got His Trademark Mask From What Type Of Store?


Leatherface Is Played By Who In The Original Texas Chainsaw Massacre?


Which Killer Was Ghostface Inspired By?


Pinhead Appeared For the First Time In What Year?


Jason Once Appeared On Which Late Night Talk Show?


Which Of These Famous 90's Rappers Was In 'Seed Of Chucky'?


The Thriller Video Came Out A Year Before What Slasher Flick?

And here are the answers to my (hopefully) tough quiz.

1. Audrey

2. Peter

3. Freddy vs Jason

4. Ice-Pick

5. Soul Food

6. Charles Ray

7. The Hardware Store

8. Gunner Hansen

9. The Gainsville Ripper

10. 1987

11. Arsenio Hall

12. Redman

13. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter


How Tough Was This Quiz To YOU.


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