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This year saw the return of the king of the monsters- Godzilla! Or not. The movie had mixed reviews,half of the people love and the other half hate it. I am on the latter, but you would now that if you read any of my articles about the film. I am a huge Godzilla fan, and I was dissapointed by the first Godzilla movie in 10 years.

I wrote my own review of the film but it was terribly written and I really didnt prove alot of my points and basically ripped on a movie that is a hollywood reboot of what most of my childhood consisted of. So now that I have been doing these "Silver Screen" articles and the DVD is out, I can start writing about it again.

I will talk about my side of the argument of why I hate the movie and some things that I actually enjoyed about the film.

The Good

Bryan Cranston is really good in the movie, and Aaron Taylor Johnson isnt as bad as everyone says he is. The writing is pretty good and the monster designs are amazing and I can not wait to see how Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah look in the next movie. The action is really good and thank god we didn't get a shaky-cam Godzilla action scene, I mean could you imagine that? The story is alright too.

The Bad

Cranston is killed off, this movie felt like it was originally called "MUTO" but then Legendary and Warner Bros. realized they had the rights to Godzilla so they were just like "Hey throw in a Godzilla cameo" but then they said "Call the movie Godzilla so it can make more money!" The MUTO designs are unoriginal (while cool) because it is basically the monster from Cloverfield but black instead of white. The scene where we actually get to see Godzilla fight the MUTOs is really dark and really the only bright part of the scene was when Godzilla shot his atomic breath.

I hate how everyone uses the Jaws and Jurassic Park argument saying that the shark and dinosaurs werent in the movie for awhile and that that those movies focused on the human characters. First lets analyze the Jaws argument, first of all in "Jaws" we actually cared about the main characters and stuff was still happening throughout the movie, also the shark was in the movie at the beginning of the movie, and is a shark. We know what a shark looks like because they exist, gigantic radioactive lizards that shoot atomic breath do not exist, and we dont see that everyday.

Now onto the Jurassic Park argument, we care about the human characters, once the dinosaurs showed up they stayed until the end of the movie, the dinosaurs that aren't the T-Rex are interesting enough to keep you engaged, and the movie wasn't called "T-Rex", it was called "Jurassic Park" so we knew there were going to be more dinosaurs than just the T-Rex.

Also, people use the 1954 Godzilla saying there wasn't that much Godzilla in that movie, but there was more screen time for Godzilla in the original than there was in the newest film. Now, what is Godzilla remembered for? Is Godzilla remembered for the dialogue and human characters? NO! Godzilla is remembered by the general public for fighting other monsters and the reason everyone saw this movie is the same reason they watched the new Ninja Turtles...nostalgia. Everyone seeing this movie at my theater were grandparents with their grandchildren and after the movie ended they were all explaining how when they were a kid Godzilla fought other monsters in big, heavy, and hot rubber suits, when I was talking to alot of my family members, they saw Ninja Turtles for nostalgia because of the cartoon from when they were kids, its the same reason.

I hate the new Godzilla, although it had some cool stuff in it, I hope the next one is good. What is your opinion on the film? Did I change it all? Let me know in the comments.


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