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Horror movie endings are known for being very scary, tense, uplifting and end on a cliffhanger. Here Im going to list the top ten scariest horror movie endings. These will not be widley known. These will be endings I find scary. Be respectful in the comments and lets begin. Note spoilers will be in this list

10. Oculus (2013)


This recent gem is one of the best horror movies of 2013. It stars Karen Gilian and Brenton Thwaites as two siblings who set out to prove a ancient mirror caused the death of their parents. The movie has a amazing story, and a horrifying ending. The Ending has both sibling hallucinating and it causes the death of Gilian's characters. We see Thwaites screaming the same thing he did as a child, as he drives off we see his sister, mother anmd father watching as he leaves with mirrors in their eyes.

What makes this movie scary is the look the ghosts have. The dark skin, and the mirrors for eyes look haunting, and the quiet music fits the mood. It also fits with the story of the mirror and how it manipulates the victims to their death.
This movie is based on a short film the Director did for a 9 part movie. If you want to watch a shorter version of this movie still down good check it out.

9. Candyman (1992)


This movie is one of the most beautiful and scary works done by Clive Barker only to be outdone by another one oc Barker's works(We all know what it is ;) )

The Ending of this movie has the main character dying saving Anne-Marie's baby. She dies of her wounds and at her funeral the residents of Cabrini-Green come and pay they're respects burying her.
Her exhusband Trevor misses Helen. Realizing how much he loved her and how much he doubted his wife. Then as he is crying whispering his wife name, after five times the lights go out and we see Helen with a candyman claw on her left hand. her hair burnt and she whispered "Whats a matter Trevor....scared of something?" Trevor's fiance finds his body mutilated and we see the last image of Helen, with her hair on fire, showing she is now a urban legend.
What makes this ending scary is the scene where we see heather. It has a errie lightening, and Helen's orgasminc joy of killing Trevor is chilling. And seeing the image of Helen with the Candyman theme is creepy and huanting feel.
I like how Helen like Candyman is now a legend. Another thing I like is this little detail. When Helen kisses the Candyman she is stung by honey bees on her left hand...her left hand has the claw.

8. Black Christmas

Black Christmas
Black Christmas

The first Slasher movie has a really scary ending. The police leave believing Billy to be the killer, and leaving Jess alone with a man. They still havent found two bodies. As the they leave we hear the man chuckkling and humming. The man is the killer, and we see the bodies are found in the attic, and the killer laughs. The movie ends with Jess' fate unknown and a phone ringing. Showing the killer will strike again.

I enjoy this ending because how quiet the scene is and the killer's voice fills the room.
Fun Fact. The Director wanted to make a sequel of the killer coming back...on another holiday... he would call it. Halloween. But there was already movie out called that so he couldn't do that.

7. Sleepaway Camp(1983)

Sleepaway Camp
Sleepaway Camp

This 1983 classic is number 7. This has one of the most well known twists of all time in horror history. The shy girl Angela is revealed as the killer but not only that but she is Peter. the Real Angela died and Peter became Angela's replacement for his damaged mother.

The Shot of Angela is one of the scariest in film history because how slow and quiet it is and also because the animalistic noises 'Angela' makes and he movie ends.
I don't know what more to say about this movie that already has been said. Check it out

6. The Village of the Damned(1960)

This film is a horror classic in every word possible. It stars the late great George Sanders as Gordon Zellaby as a british Doctor as he attempts to study strange case of children. The children are incredible intelligent for being young and all are pale with white hair.

The ending is creepy for one thing. Seeing the kids in the burning building. I like it because it shows the kids are now far beyond the human conciousness. It also can show the kids are the damned. The eyes represent their souls and the buringing building is hell

5. HellRaiser (1987)


Now were getting good. Hellraiser is based on Clive Barker novella The Hellbound Heart. It was Directed and written by Clive Barker. At every angle this movie is a masterpiece. Beautiful music and shows, amazing designs and top notch acting.

The Ending has Kirty exposing Frank and the Cenobites rip him to shreds. As Frank is mutalated the Cenobites plan on taking Kirty with them. The shots in this ending are not only nightmarish but are also very beautiful. Kirsty sends the cenobites to hell, with the Lament Configuration. As she sends the last demon to hell the mystery hobo(Who isnt Alan Moore) comes to the buring house and takes the box, turning to a large flying Demon. The movie ends revealing the hobo was the saleman who sold Frank the box. The Saleman offers the box to another man.

The music in this scene is scary ad beautiful. The haunting tone brings the beauty and terror the cenobites have. The changing tones of color gives us a otherworldly view but also brings us into Kirty minds and lets fel what she is feeling. Doug Bradley and Grace Kirby(who is Clive Barker's cousin) Portray the cenobites in a haunting and beautiful way. The LEad Cenobite is terrifying but has a very gentlemanly style that can change instantly. The Female is seems more tragic but is also much more sinister. And the ending with the salesman shows the cycle will continue once more

4. Rosemary's baby

Rosemary's Baby
Rosemary's Baby

Another classic. The whole devil baby has ben done before but hear its scarier because its the mood the brings the terror here. The haungint music and the movie really makes us feel for Rosemary.

I already talked about this movie enough on a previous top ten list and dont wish to talk abiout it again.
(Note 3 and 2 in my opinion can go either way)

3/2. The Shining (1980)

The Shining
The Shining

One of Stanley Kubrick's best picture but what makes this a good movie os the ending is creepy. We see Jack has frozen to death and we cut to the overlook hotel as it pants to a picture of 4th of July in 1921. Jack is in the center smiling as the song Midnight, the Stars and you plays.

What makes this scary is the haunting frozen image of Jack but also because we see the picture of Jack, and the strangely creepy music playing.
This ending has been debated many times. Such as saying It shows Jack is now one with the hotel. a ancestor of Jack was someone who lived at the overlook or its part of the Stanley Kubrick moon landing theory which is so crazy its another article for another time.

2/3 Halloween (1978)


Every horror fan knows this movie and respect it as one of the best slasher movies and ne of John Carpenter's best work. It scary because after Loomis shoots Michael and tells Laurie that was the boogeyman we see Michael's body is gone and the theme plays as we hear Michael's breathing

Now this may seem like a ripoff of Black Christmas ending but this is scarier because the events prior to this but because of the halloween theme and we only heard Michael's beathing and shots of where he may be. We dont know where Mcihael is....we only know through his breathing...and where he might strike next

1. Juon: The Grudge 2(2003)

Juon: The Grudge
Juon: The Grudge

One of the greatest horror movies of all time. I pick this ending for the same reason as Rosemary's baby only here its done much better. Takashi Shimizu is one of the greatest horror directors of all time. The ending is just terrifying. The birthing scene in my oopinion is the scariest movie in horror film history. and when Kyoko sees her baby crying and knwoing what the baby did. She doesnt withdrawl but embraces her child. 5 years later we see a tyoung boy spotting a tired lookign Kyoko and a girl who resembles Kayako. The girl pushes her mother off the bride, Kyoko looks at her child with a smile as she dies askign for comfort. The girl watched Kyoko die looking at her mother with no emotion. SHe shows no remorse or affection for her. Kyoko dies and the girl walks away with Kayako's diary.

I think this is scary for the birthing scene and because how inhuman the girl is. And how much she doesnt care that the her mother is dead and the final shot is beautioful and errily creepy.

I hope you enjoyed this list and tell mne what you think. Leave your own list
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