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Stop. Breathe. Okay. Better?

Yeah, that was the most intense hour of television I have ever watched. So much so that I have decided to forgo sleep and watch it at least two, nay, three more times.

I can't lie. I am a 'Caryl' shipper at heart. It by no means dictates how much I love the show, and, no I would never stop watching should one or both of them perish or find love with another. BUT, [The Walking Dead](series:201193)'s season 5 premiere fulfilled a moment I have been waiting for since last fall. Bringing my two favorite characters back together again.

I, like most TWDFamily, have been obsessively watching the marathon that aired over the weekend on AMC. I made sure I tuned in for every 'Caryl' moment, and every defining moment for Carol and Daryl respectively.

Watching their relationship bloom was just as enjoyable for me as watching the friendship between Daryl and Rick develop. So, after witnessing the super intense escape from Terminus, the troth scene (yuck) and the smoker room where the termites hung their meat - witnessing the reunions between some key characters was exactly what I needed to be able to sleep tonight.

Carol Peletier is a Bad-Ass Woman

What Carol did to help her friends free from Terminus was nothing short of genius. She observed and reacted to the situation with such a sharp eye and quick hand, that I am now convinced she is a warrior queen capable of anything.

What an amazing journey she has had since that husband of hers was alive. Even since the Sophia-coming-out-of-the-barn incident... Carol Peletier is a survivor and now she is back where she belongs and all is right with the world.

Reunited Feels So Good

Carol and Daryl were not the only happy bunch after the battle of Terminus was behind them. Tyrese and Sasha found each other again, while Carol led Rick and Carl right to baby Judith. I cried. I can't lie. Seeing Rick and Carl's faces was such a nice change from the hardened killers that they have had to become since losing the prison.

Just having the whole gang back together was worth the seven month wait.

For a full on recap of The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere, and more of Carol's heroic actions, check out my fan site here, and be sure to leave a reply with your thoughts on "No Sanctuary".


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