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In seasons past, The Walking Dead would have teased out what was going to happen to Rick and the gang even though as the audience we know that most if not all of them were going to be okay. Unfortunately, they still haven’t learned to change that for us. Instead we were delivered a framing device that highlighted the fate of those at Terminus. It did however give us the sense of what would come of our characters and what would happen to the captors. More importantly, it gave us something to look forward to, how exactly were they going to get their comeuppance. It looked like things were going to go very terribly as they faced the trough, but thankfully with a bit of timely invention and cunning we were treated to a brutal layered scene..

When you take a look back at who Carol was at the beginning of the show you see a very different character than before. were once there was a timid woman, afraid of the walkers and at the will of her abusive husband, now there is a strong woman. She is silent and capable of taking care of herself, and stepping up to the plate to take care of that. Even more important is her ability to think on her feet. Multiple times in the episode she proved that she knows how to be creative in how she chooses to protect those she cares about.

Tyreese has been an up and down character on the show. His character seems to swing from someone who specializes in ultraviolence and then comes off incapable of hurting people. Essentially he’s a gentle giant with a terrible temper. Tonight’s episode swayed to the former with a lot of him reveling in his latter dominant personality. It is that duality that makes Tyreese interesting, even if it also makes him make bad decisions. For one, he made one awful decision that put multiple lives on the line including his own. I don’t care if he thought he could handle it, he left the child he was caring for in the hands of someone he knew would kill them both with no hesitance.


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