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So recent rumors have been going around about Luke Skywalker being The Inquisitor in [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) and others about Luke being an old hermit like Obi-wan was in Episode IV. Now, this is strictly my opinion on the matter so please don't hate as much as we all did the Phantom Menace. I believe that The Inquisitor is Luke but not the Luke we know. Oh, no, I think that this Luke is a clone of our beloved Luke because of a few vital clues given to us:

  • One is that Disney is allowing the EU be a part of the film universe which means that a retelling of the 'Thrawn Trilogy' could have happened and clone Luke Skywalker is created by Joruus C'baoth from Luke's severed hand and brings about the reemerging of the Imperial Army.
Very iconic scene right there
Very iconic scene right there
  • Two is that Luke Skywalker is Grand Master Jedi, (or the human version of yoda), which in a way, means that he has controlled the darkness trying to take influence of him. He is also guided by Obi-wan, Yoda, maybe even Qui-gon and they're input in Luke's ways helps him prevent the dark side from taking him over.
  • Three is that cloning is an important key thing in the Star Wars Universe because of the 'Clone Wars', the 'Thrawn Trilogy', 'Dark Empire', and many more stories.

Now let's just say that The Inquisitor is our Luke and that he fell to the dark side. That is ok because this has happened before to our hero and he has prevailed. A few examples are:

  • In one of the drafts for Return of the Jedi, Luke is said to have watched Vader die, put on his helmet, fly out into the space battle, and command the Empire to destroy the Rebellion.
  • In the comic book 'Dark Empire', Luke and Leia are trapped by the spirit of the Emperor and Luke sacrifices himself to the dark side in order for Leia and unborn son Anakin to flee safely. Spoiler: Later in the story arc, Luke comes back to the light side so score one for the Jedi.

Luke could be a Jedi though and maybe even founded the Jedi Academy. Leaked photos of an alleged Luke's hideout could be an ancient place for force users and Luke is simply learning more of the force...or feeling the disturbance in it.

Whatever the case maybe, any option works with whatever direction the film is going to go in. Luke could be a Jedi, a Sith, or both and will be an even better plot than what the prequels had to offer with the few exceptions of Revenge of the Sith because a few parts of the film were actually good. Like the opera house scene, the scene when Anakin is in the Jedi council room and has to decide on the Jedi order or on the one he loves, and, of course, the final lightsaber scene with Anakin and Obi-wan because the music, the environment, and emotion of it all was totally great, but we'll get into this another time.


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