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The title says it all. Now this list might change in twenty year since I don't know EVERY single superhero in the entire history of comic books but I know a vast amount of them.

There is a rule to this list. These have to be comic book superheroes so characters like Hancock, the Shadow, and the Phantom do not count.


15. Shadowcat


"The girl who can walk through walls?" I hear you all saying and yep! She's a character that's definitely evolved over the years. Sure she can just walk through solid mass...although that's pretty cool, she just has a really likable personality. She likes to have fun with her superhero work, she's a mother/sister figure of sorts for the team who keeps the morality high. She's also a proud mutant, she's not like Rogue, no she loves who she is.

14. The Incredible Hulk


Big Angry Greenie that I am convinced is nearly impossible to adapt into a solo movie. I like the Hulk for many reasons, the duality between monster and man, the tributes to Frankenstein and Jekyll & Hyde, and I am also a fan of transformations: werewolves, Jekyll and Hyde (even Jekyll and Sister Hyde), etc. So I just think Hulk is an interesting character.

13. The She-Hulk & Gambit

Okay I know this technically makes this a Top 16 List, so I'm going to cheat a bit and put She-Hulk and Gambit in the same slot since I just can't leave them off the list.


First there is She-Hulk, the spunky and incredibly strong woman who'll stick by her cousin till the end. Okay yes, She-Hulk is sexy and that helps a little bit but I do consider her a cool character who goes from petite and shy little lawyer to a great hero.


Then there's [Gambit](movie:612399) who is by far my favorite X-Man of all time. Sure you got Cyclops, Wolverine, and of course Shadowcat but I really dig Gambit. First of all, he's a staff fighter and I love uses staffs to fight thus partially why I enjoy Donatello as my favorite turtle. Gambit's powers are also very unique. He can surround any object in energy and use it as a projectile and since he is a card shark, guess what he uses. Yeah, he's cool. Plus he used to be a criminal until he met Xavier and I always love that arc of bad guy turning good.

12 - 9. The Fantastic Four

I was originally going to put all four in one slot but I felt that was too much cheating so I changed it to a Top 15 list. I like these heroes for two reasons: because these were Marvel's first superheroes and they were the only other superhero team other than the Justice League. The story of these four is a good one though, each character is good with great story arcs. If I have to list the Four in order, it goes Human Torch, the Thing, Invisible Woman, and Mr. Fantastic. I love the diversity of powers among the group. True most of the science behind the character makes no sense in any way but it's still a fun team to read about.

8. Groot


When I hear about a comic book property I've never heard of, I usually go out of my way to learn about it. When I heard about Marvel doing a [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) movie I was curious to say the least so I looked into the stories and saw the movie. Guess who turned into one of my all time favorites? That's right, the Flora Colossus himself! He's a character who only says three words but says it with different emotions and for the most part, you understand what he's saying. There's also an innocence about him, he's never selfish or arrogant or manipulative or anything like that. He's a good tree and I love him for that. But don't hurt his friends or tick him off because he will grow big and bring you down.

7. The Flash

Particularly Barry Allen's Flash. Sure I do enjoy Wally West and Jay Gerrick but I find a lot of enjoyment in Allen's character just a bit more. He's a rambunctious young man but he's got his dark parts such as the blame for his mother's murder and father's frame of said murder. Many say, "He just runs fast, so what?" Run fast eh? Well he can run so fast that he can shift through time, vibrate his cells so fast that he can move through solid mass, and can circle the Earth is less than two seconds. Barry is also a forensic scientist which means he is an intelligent superhero. Likable and extremely cool, the Fastest Man Alive definitely earns his spot on this list.

6. Captain America

Most say that boy scout heroes are boring and have no character. To them I say, "WRONG!" Captain America is basically if Uncle Sam was a superhuman. He didn't join the army to fight Nazi's or get revenge for his parents who died in the war. No, he volunteered to stop the war and help people. Plus Cap did this...

To me this is one of the greatest comic book covers in history. Cap decking Adolf Hitler in the face! Even when he awakens in present day, he's still an amazing hero. Now granted, I understand if others don't like him because they aren't American. But me, I'm a patriotic guy and to see a wholesome good hearted soldier like Cap'n makes me grow a grin on my face.

5. Robin


Specifically Tim Drake. Dick Grayson's Robin was awesome but he was the sidekick, Jason Todd was the traitorous villain, Damian Wayne is the Anti-Christ, and to me Tim Drake's Robin is the best and has even evolved into a hero. Tim Drake took up the mantle of the Red Bird under the mentality of Batman needs a Robin, Robin needs a Batman. So with that, Tim became Bruce's most loyal companion and pretty much his son...until the spawn of satan came along and ruined it all. That's what I love Tim, he is the perfect apprentice and should be the successor of Bruce Wayne. The two are very similar, both had their parents murdered when they were very young and both have devoted their lives to the vigilante life. Even in New 52, he is the only one of few of the Bat-Family that are likable: Tim Drake and Barbara Gordon's Batgirl. I hope Tim Drake gets his own series in the future because I think he's a great character.

4. Wonder Woman & Blue Beetle (Plus Honorable Mention)

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

Due to me being an idiot, I accidentally miscounted my heroes so I had to cheat again and make Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle in the same slot. I had to put Wonder Woman on this list. She is one of the Trinity, the most revolutionary superheroes of all time. She was the first female superhero so you have to give her credit there. Wonder Woman is the Symbol of Compassion, she's kind and wise but she's also a warrior who loves the world. I know some of you are thinking that she's just a Rule 63 Superman but I disagree. She's just like Shadowcat: a mother figure. She definitely keeps the Justice League in line. I also want to be specific about this as well, I choose Gail Simone's Wonder Woman. To me that was the best version of Wonder Woman I will ever read, Gail Simone is my all time favorite writer. She even responded to me on Twitter.

Needless to say, I was pretty happy about that.

Before I continue I want to give an honorable mention to Shazam! He was originally going to be in the slot where Wonder Woman is but I instead chose Wonder Woman for the reasons above. Shazam is a great character to me because he was a fanboy kid in a superhero's body who inspired to be a new Superman.

Man with all these dark and serious heroes at the time, I could really do for something fun and action packed with amazing characters; but what comic would that be?!? HALLELUJAH Blue Beetle is here! I freaking love this character! Oh but wait, there is more than one Blue Beetle so who do I pick? Well I honestly could not choose between these two so both Ted Kord and Jaime Reyes both make it on this list.

Ted Kord
Ted Kord

Ted Kord's Blue Beetle inherited the scarab from the last Blue Beetle and his mentor Dan Garrett but it did not bond with Kord so he created a new suit and arsenal of gadgets themed after the Blue Beetle. He was essentially a bug version of Batman but with a sense of humor. He provided tons of fun for kids and I love him. The scarab which was found in Egypt did manage to bond to somebody worthy thus creating the modern Blue Beetle named Jaime Reyes.

Jaime Reyes
Jaime Reyes

This was the character that got me interested in the mythos. The stories of Jaime Reyes were always pure fun and adventure with the characters all being funny and cool. No idiots. Great artwork. Pretty much everything to me is amazing about these stories. I cannot recommend the Blue Beetle enough for you all to read, hell even New 52 Blue Beetle manages to be good. He's also a fanboy character, he loves Batman so you can relate to him as well. So think the Guyver meets Shazam.

3. Batman

Are you really surprised I put him on this list? He's dark, he's gripping, he's an amazing fighter, he has an amazing selection of villains, great sidekicks, amazing stories. Yada-yada, you've heard this from many people in the past. I have yet to meet one person who calls Batman a terrible hero and there is a reason why. My favorite Batman comics of all time are Knightfall, Hush, Noel, and Under the Hood. There are much much more comics of him that I love but I consider those to prime Batman stories. He's Batman, he's great.

2. Spider-Man

Ultimate Spider-Man to be exact. No, not that Miles Morales crap. THIS is Spider-Man to me. Spider-Man was the first teenaged superhero who you could legitimately relate to. He's an outcast in High-School who didn't know his parents and lost his only father figure to a gun shot. Behind all those cool powers, he's just a normal high-school kid. I guess since I was the outcast at school that I relate to him so much more than Batman. Batman was a rich kid and owned a mega-corporation so I don't know how that is. Peter Parker was just a kid from Queens who got his powers by chance. I love Spidey and it saddens me how bad the comics have become today. Ultimate Spider-Man needs a reboot and fast.

And now... we come to, in my opinion, the greatest superhero of all time.

The Man of Tomorrow...

The Man of Steel...

The Last Son of Krypton...

The Metropolis Marvel...

It's a Bird...

It's a Plane...

NO! It's...


Yes! Superman is my favorite hero. Another outcast (sort of) hero. He's a man born on another planet but raised on ours. He's a man with the powers that could doom this planet in a matter of minutes but was raised with good morals. To see a man like that of that size and power put us before him brings hope which is the whole point. He is the Symbol of Hope. Sure we can't relate to having enough strength to lift an aircraft carrier or have heat vision and all that but I think we can relate to the stranger in a strange world story about him. He is a good humble man with a great mind. Most people just think, "Oh Superman, he's just got flying and super-strength, he's just a brute." Wrong, he has to deal with villains such as Brainiac and Lex Luthor who are both considered the top when it comes to intelligence. Well Superman can process books, schematics, and pretty much anything seconds just from looking at it. Other complaints are that he's overpowered and nothing can hurt him. Wrong again. Pretty much any villain of his hurts him badly before he rises back up (Goku formula basically), he is weakness to magic attacks, Aquaman's trident can pierce his skin, Aquaman has enough strength to fend off Superman, you got the kryptonite of course, you have the Red Sun rays, and more. To me, I think of Superman as a modern day Moses which was essentially what the creators intended for him. I hope soon, people begin to love Superman again because after the Death of Superman in the 90s, people just sort of gave up on the character and it baffles me. Another reason I love Superman so much is that, without him all these other characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Captain America, etc., they would not exist if it weren't for Superman.

Honerable Mentions: Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Hawkeye, Green Arrow, Nightwing, Cyborg, Punisher, Ghost Rider, Blade, Moon Knight, Deadpool, Ant-Man, Atom, Beast, Vision, and Wolverine.

What are your thoughts on this list? Do you agree or disagree? Tell me down below in the comments!


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