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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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An archaeological dig in Perperikon, Bulgaria has unearthed a 'Vampire Grave.'

Nope, this is not the plot for the new Indiana Jones movie. Diggers found the skeleton of a man aged 40-50 years old with an iron stake driven into his chest.

Historians at the site believe that this is evidence of 'an 'anti-vampire ritual,' The Mirror reports.

The 'Vampire Grave' uncovered in Bulgaria.
The 'Vampire Grave' uncovered in Bulgaria.

Archaeologist and Professor Nikolai Ovcharov confirms:

We have no doubts that once again we're seeing an anti-vampire ritual being carried out. Often they were applied to people who died in unusual circumstances - such as suicide.

I guess the ancient society that condemned this 'Vampire' to a ritualistic burial had their own set of rules - everyone knows that Buffy can only use stakes made of wood!

A close-up showing the spike in the chest.
A close-up showing the spike in the chest.

It's thought that the 'Vampire Skeleton' - believed to have died in the 1200's - was subject to a ritual burial: as well as the iron spike driven through his chest, his left leg had been removed below the knee, although this was left in his grave beside him.

Ovcharov - who is affectionately nicknamed 'The Bulgarian Indiana Jones' (oh boy, would I watch THAT movie!) - has seen many more 'Vampire Skeletons' of this type. Similar 'Vampire Graves' were found in Sozopol, Bulgaria in from 2012 - 2013.

Spooky stuff, huh? Do you think these 'Vampire Skeletons' were really vampires?


Were the 'Vampire Skeletons' real vampires?

Source: The Mirror


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