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Any movie which features the likes of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman is going to need a pretty hardcore villain if you want to instill any sense of tension and challenge into the proceedings.

Luckily, it seems like DC has just the guy up their sleeve, as rumors claim, one of Superman's earliest and most nefarious enemies, Brainiac, could be making his way to the Justice League movie.

According to LatinoReview's El Mayimbe - perhaps the movie industry's most prolific super-scooper - DC hope to find an answer to Marvel's Ultron with their own nefarious android. El Mayimbe went even further into the 'hot rumor' by explaining some of the set up for the introduction of Brainiac.

From what I'm hearing the set-up is towards the end of Batman v. Superman... Remember how the Kryptonion beacon in Man of Steel that Clark set off that brought Zod to Earth? Brainiac heard it too.

But what about the suggestions Darkseid could be the introductory villain for the Justice League? Well, Mayimbe had a scoop for that too, explaining he would appear later in the franchise.

Of course, if this rumor is true, it asks the obvious question: Who could play Brainiac?

The answer to this will depend on whether Brainiac will be presented as live-action, CGI or a combination of both - but regardless, I can imagine DC will want to attach a relatively large name to the first Justice League antagonist. With this in mind, let's take a look at some potential options.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Let's face it, basically every fan casting for any role in the world somehow or another includes Benedict Cumberbatch. However, regardless of his massive popularity, Cumberbatch does seem like a good fit for this role.

Recently he has shed some of his Sherlock fame to establish himself as more of an antagonist actor, having appeared in villainous roles in Star Trek Into Darkness and The Hobbit. Furthermore, his experience of motion capturing his performance for Smaug the dragon could also be invaluable if Brainiac is also a motion captured creation. Need any more proof? Well, here's some fairly persuasive fan art (above).

Hugh Laurie

Now, Brainiac is one of Superman's oldest and most powerful enemies. However, the fact we have neither seen nor heard of him in the Man of Steel origin story perhaps suggests will not see him attacking Kyropton as he did in the first Silver Age comics.

However, Mayimbe's quote does still suggest he visits from space - negating his later origin stories. With this in mind, I could see Brainiac as a veteran supervillain who has already spent millennia destroying and assimilating civilizations throughout the galaxy. To do this, we're going to need an actor who can pull of sinister intellect while portraying extensive experience. Who else than Doctor House himself: Hugh Laurie?

Ralph Fiennes

Now, I feel like I'm perpetuating the stereotype that only Brits can play villains here, but I just also had to include Ralph Fiennes in the list. If you want bald headed and evil, there's really no where else you can go (except perhaps Mark Strong).

After all, this is the guy who played the psychotic Amon Goeth in Shindler's List, the inanimate-object-hating Harry in In Bruges and of course, He Who Cannot Be Named himself, Lord Voldemort (he was also in Maid in Manhattan, but we'll just forget that).

But who would you like to see playing Brainiac? Do you have some other names in mind? Let us know them below.


Who of the above would you like to see play Brainiac?

Source: LatinoReview


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