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Ever since that mid-credits scene in [Thor: The Dark World](movie:206462) when we saw the Collector get hold on the Aether, one of the Infinity Stones, and say: one down, five to go, fans have known that the Infinity Gauntlet is going to play a key role in where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading.

At first, however, it did not seem like Avengers 2, with it's focus on the rise of Ultron, would have that much to add to Thanos' and/or The Collector's quest to assemble the Infinity Gauntlet, focusing as it does on a villain created by Tony Stark, who draws his power from technology, rather than from the power within the gems.

Do you know the missing Infinity Stones?
Do you know the missing Infinity Stones?

But could the stones in fact play more of a role than previously anticipated?

Ultron: Made by Tony Stark, Given Life By An Infinity Stone!?

We have so far seen 3 Infinity Stones in The MCU. The first (it is believed) was the Tesseract, key to the plot of [The Avengers](movie:9040). The second, as mention above, was the Aether. And the third, as anyone who has seen [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) will know, was the Power Stone.

Star Lord has eyes for the Power Stone!
Star Lord has eyes for the Power Stone!

So which stone might we see in Avengers 2 Age of Ultron, and how will it feature?

In the trailer shown at San Diego Comic Con 2014 and in the props displayed by marvel at that same event, fans saw several ket items which got them talking. One was the huge fist of Iron Man's Hulkbuster armor, another was Captain America's broken shield. The last, however, was the fried, near destroyed Iron Man suit that is expect to be the prototype for Ultron himself.

Is this the beginning of Ultron in Avengers 2?
Is this the beginning of Ultron in Avengers 2?

But how will this burned, discarded suit become such a threat to the Avengers, and all of humanity? Well, it could all be down to one of those Infinity Stones!

The Soul Stone: Coming to Avengers 2?

In the comics, the Soul Gem gives it's holder the ability to see, attack or even steal the soul of another being. It also allows its wielder to revert an individual to their "natural" state (which prompts the question, what is Hulk's natural state: a man, or monster?)

Could Hulk be turned by the Soul Stone?
Could Hulk be turned by the Soul Stone?

However, the Infinity Stones have not so far been taken from the comics without some alternations, and there is every chance that the Soul Stone could *give* someone or something a soul, who did not previously have one!

Could this be how Ultron is formed, through a combination of Tony Stark's reckless programming and the magical force provided by the Soul Stone?

The other question stemming from this is: if Ultron *is* animated by the Soul Stone, will this attract the attention of Thanos, or the Collector? Will THEY show up in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035)?

This is all speculation - ultimately we will have to wait and see - but it would provide Marvel a way of furthering the overall story they are telling. And with Guardians of the Galaxy and Thanos looking like a key part of the future of the MCU, it might be more surprising if an Infinity Stone *didn't* feature!

So what do you think? Will we see the Soul Stone in Avengers 2 Age of Ultron? Why/why not? Write in with your thoughts below the line!


Will Ultron be brought to life by the Soul Stone?