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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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One thing I love about The Walking Dead is that the actors are so invested in their characters. The show isn't just some day job to these guys, and many cast members have spoken with great insight into their characters.

THR spoke with Andrew Lincoln about what's happening with Rick this season, and his love for the role shines through. From what Lincoln says, we can look forward to more of our beloved all-out badass Rick:

He's a very dangerous man. He's the most complete warrior, the most decisive, uncompromising leader that he's ever been. I don't think he's at all struggling with moral ambiguities.
He's a man that his sole mission is to keep his family alive. If he sees any threat... the way Rick sees it, is it's not over, it's these people do not deserve to live.

The decision has been made. If you stand beside Rick, you're family; if you stand in opposition to him, you're a problem. And it feels very much like this is a man who really knows how to deal with problems.
Rick is being tested more than ever in TWD 5...
Rick is being tested more than ever in TWD 5...

On THAT scene with Carol meeting the gang again:

It's amazing that some of the greatest and most beautiful moments that Rick experiences in this world, he's in floods of tears. It was so beautiful doing the scene with Carol after their history.
It's smart: The way to salvage the rift between these two similar personality types — the only way that can be healed is by a debt being paid. She saves all their lives and reunites him with his daughter.

What about Rick not wanting to co-operate with Abraham and go to D.C.?

All these questions are addressed. There are reasons for and against in every scene. This is a very contentious issue because everything that this group has seen — at the CDC, in Woodbury — all these places have been met with failure.
They haven't heard any radio transmission since Terminus and that was a trap; it was a spider's web. It's going to be a difficult argument to encourage the whole group to get on this mission.

Yep, Andrew Lincoln totally loves his job!
Yep, Andrew Lincoln totally loves his job!

Oh yeah, and he was as moved as you were by the Rick-Daryl bro-love:

Those incredibly brutal moments are flipped instantly because they're justified by an incredibly tender moment of true love between these two men, just going, "You're my brother." There's nothing stronger that he can say to another man apart from saying that.

Lincoln has some poetic ways of describing Walking Dead Season 5:

The best way to describe this season is in two songs, both by the Beatles: The first part of the season is 'Helter Skelter,' and the second half is 'A Day in the Life.' There's a lot of body blows that happen in the next few episodes and it turns into something completely different.

Is Rick gonna move on from Lori and seek a new woman?

I've always maintained that he's going to have to take a bath or shower before he even contemplates any relationship issues. Who knows!

Which questions are you desperate to hear Lincoln answer? Will he exterminate Gareth? Will he co-operate with Abraham? And will Rick get involved with another lady? SO MANY QUESTIONS - Add yours!


Is Rick your favorite character on The Walking Dead?

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