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As we all know, Game of Thrones is the story of the ongoing struggle between the families of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, but perhaps there's another way to view the action? Could it just be one massive drinking contest?

Well, some Youtubers by the name of The Movie Maniacs have trawled through all four seasons of the HBO show to find every single instance in which an alcoholic drink is sipped, guzzled and chugged. A running tally has then been kept in order to see which of the Game of Thrones families drink the most, although to be honest, the result isn't particularly surprising. Check it out supercut below:

So, it seems like Westeros needs to open their own branch of Alcoholics Anonymous, right? Well, maybe not.

If I am allowed to take off my entertainment writer's hat, and put on my much larger (and rather ornate) history graduate hat, I can tell you that in reality this amount of booze swilling was pretty par for the course in Medieval Europe. One line of thought suggests this was because the water was often considered unsafe to drink in these 'Ye Olde Times.' Furthermore, it seems many thought it also hindered the digestion of food by 'chilling the stomach.' Alternatively, drinking wine was seen as promoting constitution as well as fortifying against illness.

To get around this, water was mixed with alcohol (which is toxic to water-borne pathogens) while it was also boiled in the case of brewing malt beers, thus purifying the water. The alcohol content would generally be lower than today, and even children would have regularly drank alcoholic drinks known as 'small beers.' It was not uncommon for physical workers to drink up to 10 pints of this weaker beer a day. Meanwhile, in the Middle East and Asia, this same problem was solved by brewing water into tea.


What is your boozy drink of choice?

Source: io9


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